38 for my 38th Fundraising Project: Now Completed!

Belated Merry Christmas! I meant to write a special Christmas Day post, but got a bit distracted, what with all the family stuff that's happening here at Casa Coggins.

You see, for the first time ever, we're hosting my mom, my mum-in-law, and my dad-in-law at our new home. The kids are loving having all the grandparents around during the holidays for the first time (even my dad, in spirit). Of course, they would. They were extra spoiled on Christmas Day this year!

In any case, I hope you all had a lovely Christmas Day too!

Anyway, apart from this belated Christmas greeting, one of my main reasons for blogging today is to share this wonderful news about the fundraising project I did some 18 months ago.

Some of you might remember it (I know some of you even contributed to it - THANKS!)... It's the 38 for my 38th birthday campaign for Charity Water. And yes, today, I received the notice that the project has finally been completed.


And, according to the report, the fundraising project (together with other fundraisers) ended up supporting 300 people in the Hizaeti Community in Ethiopia.

From the field notes:

"The people here, especially women and children, used to walk up to two hours to collect water for their families. Even then, each family member had to make do with just five liters of water per day for drinking, bathing, cooking and everything else. The water wasn't safe to drink and often made people sick. Thanks to your help, people here are walking significantly less every day to collect water. This means each family now can use up to 15 liters per person per day! Most importantly, the water they bring home each day is safe enough to drink."

How amazing is that?

It has been great to see how a project like this evolved over the last year or so. It really makes me wish that all charities can provide such feedback and accountability. I think more of us would be excited to offer support to different causes, when we see how our contributions counted. I know I certainly would like to do more of these projects, if possible.

In any case, I just want to say thanks again to my project champions: Shelley Heath, Stanley Woo, Rosalie Day, Daniel Mateos, Nicola Potts, Christine Gooding, Ron Man & Sally Manuel, Adam Gieniusz, Kari Anne, Luke Williams, mom Tess Manuel, and Arnold Manuel (+ an anonymous donor). Their donations helped to make this project a reality. It's definitely one of my best birthday celebrations ever.

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