Meet Vicky, Our Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Home appliances don't usually make it to my blog. But, I'm making an exception for this LG RoboKing 2.0 vacuum cleaner.

Partly because I keep getting asked about what I think of robot vacuum cleaners, when people find out I own one. So, I've been meaning to blog about it.

And, partly because I need a blog post today for my Daily Week-long Challenge of the Month, and this is one of the ideas that came to mind. So, instead of overthinking it, I'm just going with the flow. Something I really ought to do more.

LG RoboKing 2.0

Anyway, I first bought the LG RoboKing 2.0 when we first moved into our new house some 7 months ago. With a bigger space to clean, I knew we could use all the help we could get. And, I know I've been wanting one for as long as I first heard of the concept of a robot that would do all the vacuuming for me (I'd buy one of each machine that would do all my different house chores, if I could ;)).

And now, seven months later, here are my thoughts on this household gadget:


- It does its job. Every time I empty the dust bin, I know that it has definitely cleared up a lot of dust and mess. It doesn't do a thorough job, like you do if you are manually using the hand-held vacuum cleaners, but it does enough to make you feel that it has done some decent floor cleaning. I hardly ever use the manual vacuum cleaner nowadays.

- Works on both carpet and hard floors. We have carpeted rooms on the second level and stone floors on the first level of our house. Seems to work just fine on both.

- The charge lasts a while. On carpeted floors, the vacuum goes on for about 2-3 hours per charge. On hard floors, it seems to go on for about 3-4 hours.

- Smart cleaning seems to work. It doesn't fall off stairs. It cleans a space in a generally efficient manner. It can be programmed to start at certain times (but I never use this function).


- It's expensive. There are different types of robot vacuum cleaners out there. Some can cost a couple of hundred dollars, whilst others can go for a thousand dollars or more. I believe the RoboKing 2.0 was priced around AU $800 when it was on sale at Harvey Norman. But, thanks to some online research and guts to haggle, I think I managed to get it for just over $500. I can't remember the exact price, but I know I managed to knock off over a couple of hundred dollars. But yes, these babies are not cheap.

- Comes with minor issues. Most of the time, it goes around the house just fine. But, because we have two levels + I move the home dock quite a lot, the vacuum cleaner doesn't always find it's way 'home'. So, it has been known to run out of charge in the middle of a room. It also sometimes gets stuck due to brush issues (needs to be cleaned often enough) and if it goes over/under furniture that can get it stuck. Doesn't happen very often though.


In spite the price tag and the minor issues, I am a very happy robot vacuum cleaner owner. The LG RoboKing 2.0 is a bit on the pricier range of these type of home appliance, but I am glad that I didn't just go for the cheapest option.

To me, it's worth every cent I paid for it. It really is like having an extra helper in the house when it comes to vacuuming. That's why the family couldn't resist giving it a name. The kids are just confused why it is called RoboKing when it has a female voice. In any case, the kids decided she should be called Vicky the Robot Vacuum Cleaner. And yes, she has become a valuable part of our household.

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