How To Blog When You Don’t Feel Like Blogging

Just Blog It

There's no doubt about it. Blogging is hard. Especially if you have a long list of things to do in your daily life that ranks higher than blogging.

When blogging was 'work' to me, I had to prioritise the upkeep of my professional blogs. And, even that wasn't easy.

Like any kind of writing, there are days when inspiration flows and you can't get enough of it. Then, there are days when, no matter how much you wish you can just get on with it, words don't come easily.

Today is one of those days for me. With another crazy week of work and family commitments, I knew that it was bound to happen during this week-long daily blogging challenge. And, I almost caved in. Nearly told myself that I should just let it go and not blog today.

But then, I decided to give it one last push by:

1. Checking my list of 'To Blog Someday'. I thought I'd shake my blogging mojo into action by revisiting ideas that I once thought are good enough to blog about. This usually helps.

Unfortunately, it didn't do me much good today because none of my recent ideas seem 'ready enough'. It would be like serving half-cooked goodies. So, this was a no go.

2. Looking for inspiration in what others are doing or talking about. Sometimes, reading other people's blogs, checking social media feeds, and/or looking at people's help to get me blogging.

Again, unfortunately, this didn't help me much today. Whatever I saw and/or read didn't give me enough to go on to come up with a fully formed idea to blog.


3) Coming up with random questions and concepts that would get my mind going. Often, I start talking to myself, just so I can then begin to form words that may not mean anything to begin with. I ask questions. I think of sayings. Or quotes. Or problems. I then try to respond to those in my head. If I have enough points to work with, I know that I have a blog post I can work with.

That's how I ended up with this blog post. By asking myself the question of how I can blog today, when I don't feel like blogging.

Then, to fight off my initial hesitation of "That's not good enough to blog about" - I had to remind myself that:

- It's okay to blog in small chunks.
- It's okay to blog things that are not fully formed.
- It's okay to blog things that are imperfect.

So, yes. In order to blog when you don't feel like blogging, sometimes, you just have to get on with it and work with what you've got.

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Shai has been managing and blogging here at ShaiCoggins.com for 17 years. Here, she writes about creativity, productivity, and how to recharge for a better, happier lifestyle. She is the author of Today: Life Journal, Colour Bliss: Kaleidoscopes, and a little known children's book. A serial entrepreneur, Shai also currently runs Vervely.com, a boutique digital media agency offering online content, community, and conversion marketing services. Her blogging experience and digital work have been featured in various media, including being listed in Fast Company's "Most Influential Women in Technology" list. Originally from Manila, Shai lived in Singapore and the USA before moving to Australia with her British husband. They have two children, a pet bunny, and a rambunctious rescue Labrador.

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