Friday Five: Creative Things That Inspire Me Right Now

It's the last day of February. For us Down Under, we think of this as the official last day of summer. We're getting more chilly mornings and evenings.

While I love the colours of Autumn, and generally enjoy the lovely days with mid to late 20'C weather, I must admit that it's not exactly my favourite time of the year. I love Spring and Summer best. But, seasons change and I'm sure my family, friends, and colleagues from the other side of the world who have been experiencing real deep freeze winter would just laugh at my definition of 'cold weather'.


It's now Day 6 of my week-long daily blogging challenge this month. So glad to have made it this far, especially when I didn't always feel like blogging this week.

Since I haven't done a Friday Five post in a while, I thought I'd give that a go today - and share with you things that I find inspiring at the moment. Stuff that make me want to DO things.


1. Sketching.

Especially sketching from life. That's why I really loved my January Daily Week-long Challenge of the Month. And, I really missed it when I stopped due to work and other life commitments over the last couple of weeks. Now, I'm slowly getting back to it. And, loving it again.


2. Watercolours.

I love using them in my sketches. And in my doodles. As well as my Documented Life Project pages.

It's funny because watercolours have been my first love when it comes to painting. But, somehow, they were relegated to something else. Now, they're back as my favourite painting medium.

3. Brush Script Lettering.

Actually, any kind of lettering or calligraphy, really. But, I was especially excited to try out brush script lettering. Love learning and experimenting with words + art.

Practicing brush script lettering. Words + Art = <3.   Haven't taken out my old bamboo brush in a long while. This is so addictive and therapeutic, I feel as though I can easily make a hundred of these. But, what would I do with a hundred (or more) brush

4. Music.

One of my regular daily rituals is putting on Spotify while I get ready for my day. I find that it helps to set up my day of work. As soon as I start my work at my desk, the music is off. I don't usually turn it back on until I'm doing something else - like chores or just having a 'down time'.

When I'm in the mood for finding new music, I put on one of my favourite songs of the moment then click on the 'Radio' function of Spotify. More often than not, it hits the spot. Occasionally, I have to change my default song for the radio station.

My current station is currently based on songs by South Jordan (a band I just discovered through listening on Spotify radio, but found out today that they disbanded a couple of months ago).

5. Fairy Tales.

I've always loved fairy tales. I love reading them. And really, I love writing them too. I would like to write more fairy tales. Truth is, I've started trying my hand at rewriting a couple recently. But, I have nothing finished yet that I can share.

I've also wanted to illustrate them for some time now, but somehow, I couldn't muster the guts to do so. But, last month, I've started doing just that. And, while I have yet to finish an illustration that I'm happy with, I'm glad I'm finally giving it a go. Maybe one of these days, I'll be able to share something.

What's your favourite fairy tale?   My obsession with fairy tales is taking on a grander scale as I joined a year-long online art class dedicated to "The Year of the Fairy Tale".

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