Daily Week-long Life Sketching Challenge

Daily Week-long Life Sketching Challenge

This post is long overdue. I've meant to share an update on how I did with the January Daily Week-long Life Sketching Challenge. But, you know what it's like with life and work getting in the way of blogging sometimes. 🙂

Anyway, I'm here. Late, but here nevertheless.

Day 1: 20 January

Day 1 Life Sketch for #DWCM14 . Sketching people, especially with facial features, is a tough one for me. Extra challenge is sketching 3/4 view (and profiles). But, I find that even if I don't get the likeness closely, I still enjoy the memories these ske

It seems like it has been so long since I last sketched from life before this day. And, definitely longer since I last attempted a portrait/figure. So, I felt very rusty. Unsure of what I was doing.

It was my son's 10th birthday and we got back from his special dinner at Star House in the city. I took out my sketching gear and sketched him in his usual spot - in front of his new laptop. He didn't seem unhappy with this sketch, so it couldn't have been all that bad.

Day 2: 21 January

My own #sketches from yesterday's #DWCM14 life #sketching session with the kidlets. This was only Day 2 of this week's challenge, but I'm already hoping to make a habit of this.For Day 2 of my life sketching week, I made a special effort to go out of the house. In fact, I even took the kids out for a life sketching session at a reserve near where we live.

They were both feeling a bit unsure of sketching, but in the end, they both really enjoyed it. It was a great moment.

I'm not happy with my output, but I was glad to have gone out for a sketching session.

Day 3: 22 January

Looks like my Day 3 attempt for #DWCM14 life sketch challenge last night finally got me back on track with what I'm trying to do with my sketching practice.   Dinner took a bit longer to cook, but I was one satisfied sketcher. And yes, I enjoyed the food

For Day 3, I ended up sketching while I was making dinner - Spaghetti Bolognese! I have very few moments when I can say I sketched while I cooked, so this was quite an experience for me.

And, admittedly, I LOVED it. It was definitely a time when something 'clicked' inside me once again and reminded me why I should sketch from life more often.

Day 4: 23 January

Realised I haven't shared Day 4/7 #sketch for my #DWCM14 project. A bit boring and with a limited palette because I was sooo busy with work this day. But, this is proof that no matter how busy, it is possible to take time for art. Only took 10-15 minutes

I nearly forgot to do a sketch for Day 4, as I had a long, busy work day. So, what did I decide to sketch near bedtime (yes, it was 8.24pm when I sketched this)?  My usual work gadgets! Not very colourful, though.

Day 5: 24 January

Daily Life Sketches - 2014

On Day 5, my family and I went on the Sealink Ferry to Kangaroo Island for an extended long weekend holiday. It was the last weekend that my mom was staying with us, so we thought we'd give her a nice trip before she went back to Manila.

I ended up sketching a bit during this day. The first one was the interior of the ferry, while we were on the way to KI.

The second one (below) is the lunch spread we had at a Mexican restaurant we ate at when we arrived at Kingscote in KI. Then, the third one is the one above (below the ferry sketch) - a sketch at a sheep farm while I was waiting for my family. They ended up going into a tour of the farm, while I attended a work meeting via Lync (hurrah for technology and flexible working!).

Daily Life Sketches - 2014

Day 6: 25 January

Daily Life Sketching

Day 6 was an extra busy life sketching day, as it was our first full holiday on Kangaroo Island. There were plenty to see, and inspiring sights to sketch.

The first one above is of Cape Du Coudic Lighthouse, gorgeous structure at the Flinders Chase National Park. My sketch doesn't do it justice.

The next one below is a sketch I did whilst at the Admirals Arch at Flinders Chase National Park. We saw several seals and loved the scenery.

Daily Life Sketching

We went to see Remarkable Rocks after the Admirals Arch and had a quick snack at a cafe afterwards. But, I didn't do any sketching in those spots.

After our sightseeing at the national park, we went back to Kingscote for the pelican feeding. While waiting in the car,  I did another sketch of the view I was looking at by the jetty. Thought it was cute to see all the seagulls and penguins lined up.

Daily Life Sketching

While at the pelican feeding, I decided to sketch the pelicans as the guide talked to us all about these birds. It's never easy sketching moving objects, but I was still pleased with the result of this session.

Daily Life Sketching

Day 7: 26 January

Daily Life Sketching

It was Australia Day on the 7th (and supposedly last day of my daily life sketching challenge). We planned to go to a place called Paul's Place Wildlife Sanctuary (crazy place!), but before we went there, we came across Stokes Bay first. And wow - what an amazing place. It felt so magical. Definitely one of the most beautiful beaches I've ever been to in my life. It felt like I was being transported to a different place. Like reaching Narnia or something. I LOVED it.

This sketch was just a capture of that moment, that place. It's not enough to show how gorgeous it was, though.

I also did some sketches of the craziness at Paul's Place - emus, kangaroos, geese... But, it was so chaotic, I didn't think my sketches were all that great at all. But, I'm still glad I gave it a go. I'm happy to use my scribbles as a reference point.

The rest of the day had been pretty amazing too, seeing another fantastic spot + enjoying dinner while watching the Australian Open.

Day 8: 27 January

Daily Life Sketching

On our last day at Kangaroo Island, I decided to do one last sketch when we stopped at Emu Bay, another gorgeous place. It was quiet, but lovely. The kids wanted to give fishing another go before heading back home.

So, yes, there you go. Eight days of daily sketching from life. It wasn't always easy or convenient. But, I really really enjoyed it. It made me wish I can sketch more often. In fact, I think it's one of the reasons I'm still trying to find time to sketch whenever I can now. I'm definitely hoping that this is a habit that I'll keep.

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