Project Life 2014: Cover + Weeks 1 – 5

Getting Started With Project Life 2014

As promised, I'm sharing the actual pages from my first ever Project Life album. Not that I think you'd be riveted with my pages. After all, they're very basic. I'm just sharing to record my progress and perhaps, some of you might be interested in them. 🙂

Project Life Cover


When doing Project Life, creating a cover page for the album is usually the first step. Though, you might want to consider doing this last, if you'd rather put some highlights from the year in the page instead.

For this year, I decided to do it first, just to help to set the mood. I used photos that I've taken over the last few weeks of 2013 as the cover for my 2014 album. I also thought I'd highlight the main 'characters' of this story - me and my family.

Also used some of the cards from the Core Kit that I'm using + alphabet stickers + 3D number stickers

Project Life: Week 1



One of the biggest challenges I encountered immediately is trying to synthesis the photos I have to tell the stories I want to tell. Especially when I have so many photos to choose from and so many stories I wish to record!

One of my approaches at the moment is simply to create photo collages, so I can share several photos in one image slot/pocket.

Some days, though, I don't take as many photos and there aren't very many stories to share. Those days, I have a different challenge: Figuring out how to represent the day in words and photos.

Project Life: Week 2

Project Life: Week 2

One of the things that I told myself I'd like to do in this album is also to capture a few things that I don't usually get to capture: The mundane stuff - like books I borrow from the local public library. People in our lives who are not family. Moments that I don't get to capture in photos - but would like to remember.

Project Life: Week 3



For this week, I thought I'll try to give myself a bit more room - so I planned to do two pages for Week 3. This is partly because I wanted to have enough photos to cover my son's 10th birthday party and actual birthday.

In the end, though, I felt I had "too much" space. That's why I ended up posting a few photos that seem very 'mundane'. And, I had a few slots for just words/design. In a way, that's not so bad. I'd like to do more of that.


Project Life: Week 4


Although this week was relatively a big week - due to a long weekend trip to Kangaroo Island with the family - I decided to keep it to one page so I can catch-up and finish this week quickly. I find that it still managed to capture the moments quite well, even though I didn't post all the photos I wish to share. A great reminder that sometimes, it's important just to do something - even if we don't get to do everything we want. It makes a difference just to have something there.

Project Life: Week 5


I like this page a lot because it captures some of the things that I'm really interested in. And, practicing some of the skills I'm learning (like brush script lettering). And, it shares life events that are good - and not so good.

Also thought it has a good balance of words, stories, and photos.

So, there you go. My first batch of Project Life pages. I hope it doesn't take too long until I get more pages done. I'm still a few weeks behind!

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