8 Things For A Belated May Check-In

Autumn Day in Adelaide Suburbs - May 2014

When I'm having trouble getting back to blogging due to a long absence, I find that I can often ease back into it through lists. So, here's my list of the moment.

1. May means a dry spell when it comes to personal projects and social media use.

I haven't been keeping up with Project Life, Documented Life, and The Year of the Fairy Tale Art Classes. Even my Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social platforms look a bit sparse. Needless to say,  I haven't blogged much either.

Just didn't have much time and energy for all these things, what with work and other commitments. If I'm not working, I'm trying to keep up with chores or spending time with my family. The rest of the time, I just wanted to veg out.

2. The flip side of being busy: May wasn't as painful as it has been.

Since my Dad passed away six years ago, just shortly after his birthday (which was also in May), May has become a tough month for me. This year, I remembered him. Celebrated his memories. There were still tears, but the pain didn't seem as bad. Still miss him. A lot.

Remembering my dad, on his birthday. Grateful for the overly sentimental me, for holding on to old photographs and letters. Days like today, they're some of the things that help me to keep memories alive. Happy birthday, Daddy. I miss you. <3

3. May also means celebrating 8 years of Blue.

Still strange to think that this pooch is now 8 years old! Still remember him being this little.

Blue's 8th Birthday

4. May also meant Mothers' Day celebrations.

Was spoilt with gifts and affection - and all sorts of fun moments. Grateful for being a mum.

Anyone who knows me well enough knows how much I love work. But, the best job I have ever had in my life: Motherhood. I consider myself lucky to be a Mum to these two.   Happy Mother's Day, to all my mum friends and relatives who are celebrating today.

5. Even with the busy-ness, still managed to rock a party or two in May.

Most of the time, I barely go out of the house. As a small business owner, I get the privilege of being able to work from home most days. That's why I don't end up going out much. But, since a couple of good friends were hosting parties, I managed to play dress-up and enjoy the company of others on those evenings. Fun nights.  Also ended up chaperoning my daughter at a birthday party she attended.

Haven't been sociable for some time due to work and other commitments. But, on this dark and stormy night, I am on my way to a birthday party. Must mean I like the birthday celebrant muchly. :)

6. May also marked some new beginnings.

A lot of starts and new things this month. The boy starting debating club, with the hubby as the coach for his school's debating teams. Started attending a new church for the family (though, I think we visited it for the first time in April).

7. May also meant re-starts.

Like beginning to do some fiction writing. Again. I've taken a break for a few months, so it was nice to play around with words again. Making up stories that no one else is reading (yet).

8. May's Daily Week-Long Challenge of the Month: Yoga/Pilates Fusion.

Although I didn't blog about it, I did still do my DWCM for May. And yes, I thought I'd re-start my health kick and try something new: Yoga. Except, I tried a fusion of both Yoga (something I've never done before) and Pilates (something I did for a short while a few years ago). I managed to do it for over a week or so. Then, I started skipping days. And now, I'm going to have to try to get back in the habit. I really enjoyed it when I did it.

So, there. I was going to try to get to 10 things, but I've lost main train of thought. That's why I'm ending this for now.

June is an exciting time. If you haven't heard yet, I'm off to Italy! It's part of my 40th birthday present. I won't go on about this for now. I'm sure I'll be blogging more about this some other time.

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