On Blogging, Holidays, and Procrastination

Rome, Italy

Ah, Roma.

Italy just feels like a dream now that I've been back in Australia for a month. Many times, over the last few weeks, I've attempted to write something here to record the memories from that trip here on this blog. But, words fail me.

With hundreds of photos (and I'm not even exaggerating!), dozens of sketches, and several stories to share, I find myself overwhelmed. And, I keep asking myself: How do I synthesise the trip in a way that I don't end up with a giant blog post that no one would care about?

I didn't have an answer, so I keep putting it off.

Then, in less than a couple of weeks after I arrived home, my family and I left for another holiday. That time, in the Victorian Alps and Melbourne. Another amazing trip that I've been wanting to share here.

Except, with the Italy trip still unblogged, I feel like I couldn't blog anything else until I start with that. Crazy, I know. But, I get like that sometimes.

"If you find yourself procrastinating, your project is too big!" says Sam Bennett. I'm quoting her from this really interesting book that I'm reading right now (Get It Done: From Procrastination to Creative Genius in 15 Minutes a Day).

She's right, of course. That's why on this first day of August, the beginning of ShaiCoggins.com's blogiversary month, I decided to break the tasks down and just blog something today.

I'm hoping that soon, I will be able to blog about Italy and Victoria (Australia) in a better way. Among other things.

In fact, since I haven't shared any pages from my Italian travel sketchbook anywhere yet, I thought I'd give you, my blog readers, first dibs. I only have a handful of pages there at the moment, as I still have a long way to go to scan and adjust the images for the web. As soon as I have more, I'll let you know.

In any case, yes, I did end up using and enjoying most of the things I brought with me for my Travel Sketching Kit. I even used the kit again during the Victoria/Melbourne trip. And yes, I still have those photos and sketches to organise too.

But, at least I've made the first few small steps. Sometimes, that's all we need to battle procrastination.

Happy weekend, everyone!

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