My Etsy Shop Re-opens (with Special Bonus For Blog Readers)!


When I joined Design Garden’s Foundation Class in order to improve my digital art making skills, I didn’t expect to be up and ready to sell my digital creations within 6 weeks (the allocated time to complete the course).

However, our teacher, Sabina, was adamant that by the time we get to week 6, we should seriously consider sharing and selling our work. Just to get it out there. And, instead of worrying about whether our work is good enough for selling or not, we just work on the next product – and then put it out there again for selling. And then work on the next. And the next…

I’ve actually read several articles and books that advocate the same approach: Launch before you’re ready. Just put your product out there and tweak along the way. Don’t overthink your ‘readiness’ for selling. Apparently, if you launch when you’re ready, you’re already too late.

As a serial entrepreneur, I understand this type of thinking. Though I don’t always follow through with it. Often, I’ll come up with an idea – put it together and then overanalyse its usefulness or validity in the marketplace.

This time, however, I’m following the ‘launch before you’re ready’ approach and re-open my Etsy Shop with my very first clip art set.

Yes, the sketches I shared recently have been completed as a clip art set over a couple of weeks ago. And, last week, I listed them on Etsy. But, I’ve hesitated to share the news anywhere. Nerves have been stopping me, I guess. But, I decided that that’s just silly.

So, now, I’m officially re-launching Shai Coggins Studio – my art practice. For now, just selling digital clip art on Etsy. We’ll see what else happens from hereon.

This is the ‘cover’ of my first digital clip art set - “Home Sweet Home”:


Say hello to my very first clip art set - Home Sweet Home! Hope you all like it.

The set is currently available for Personal Licensing or Commercial Licensing. The personal license contains 15 high-quality PNG Images on transparent background (plus bonus images). And, the commercial license contains 15 EPS images + the PNG images.

If you want to use the images for your blog, social media, or personal projects (ie, creating thank you cards, stationery, invitations, scrapbooking pages, student homework for yourself or your kids, etc), then the personal license should suffice. Otherwise, if you wish to use these images professionally (eg, design work for clients), then the commercial license is for you.

And, for a limited time, I’m offering you, my blog readers a special discount coupon. If you purchase between now and 31 December 2014, you can use the coupon code: BLOGREADERLOVE to get US$5.00 off the list price when you check-out. Since the licenses are so cheap, you can practically get the personal license for free. But I’m okay with that because I’ve been meaning to find a way to say I <3 you. 🙂

Since putting out a product is one of my goals for 2014, I’m soooo glad that I managed to meet that goal. Though, admittedly, when I set out that goal, I didn’t even imagine that I would be creating and selling digital clip art sets.

Oh, and yes, I’ve already completed a second clip art set and I’m just preparing it for packaging. Once that’s done, it will be listed soon too. So, if you take advantage of purchasing now, you’ll get 10% off your next purchase as a Thank You.  I’m actually quite excited about sharing that next set too. And perhaps, blogging more about the different ways you can enjoy handmade clip art or readymade illustrations.

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