A Week In The Life 2014

A Week In The Life 2014

It's meant to be Monday Morning Weekly Walk blog post today. But, I'm postponing my check-in 'til tomorrow to make way for this instead -

Hello, A Week In The Life 2014!

Part of me is excited and another part is a bit scared to commit to another one of these week-long day-to-day life photo + stories projects. But, when I came across last year's Week In The Life 2013 project a few days ago, I felt a tiny twinge inside me. Especially when I read something along the lines of: "I wish I did this years ago!" in one of my blog posts.

You see, I really loved the interactions and the new friends that I made through WITL 2013. And, I especially loved the everyday memories that were captured from the project.

So, even though I probably missed the official 'Week In The Life' project and I'm not sure if I can get this done properly (especially with this crazy week I have this week!), I thought I'd give it another go anyway.

The plan is to blog the stories + photos daily again, from the previous day. So, today's stories would be shared tomorrow.  Including my Monday Walk check-in. Or at least, I hope I get the chance to do so!

I'm using the same Week In The Life Daily Record Sheets I created last year for taking notes. Printed them off now (see photo above) and started recording my day. If you're keen to check them out, you can download them from this creative resource page.

Let's see what day-to-day living is like, on this first week of the last month of 2014.

Anyone else tried Week In The Life this year?



Day 1:
1st December, Monday

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Day 2, Week In the Life 2014

Day 2 :
2nd December, Tuesday
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