A Week In The Life 2014: Day 2


As day after crazy day goes by this week, I’m really wondering if I’m going to survive this year’s attempt at ‘A Week In The Life’.

I know I often say that most of my weeks are crazy. But, I think this week is particularly so, with so many things happening that are out of our usual routines – kids’ last week of the school year, backyard renovations at a fever pitch, personal/family celebrations, catching up on as much work as possible before the holidays settle in...

So, yeah, I’m not sure what possessed me to decide that this week is the week to record to represent 2014 for me and my family. But then, last year, I managed to survive my first every ‘Week In The Life’ even though I became quite unwell just a few days into the project. Having said that, I remember last year, I was taking a lot of photos during the first couple of days and then the photos became less and less. This time, I’m only on Day 3 today and my photos are already diminishing!

Ah well. Will just keep plugging along. Even if I’m only taking one photo a day by the end of this week, it should still be something, right?

Now, here goes Day 2…

This day was actually a double celebration day: It was hubby and I’s 15th year wedding anniversary + My mom’s birthday. I already sent through my greetings to my mom the night before because I knew that this day would be really busy. And, I’m hoping that we would get to celebrate my mom’s birthday properly when she comes to visit us in less than a couple of weeks’ time for the holidays.

Anyway, as most ‘special holiday’ days at my home, we begin our day with special greetings, cards, and presents… Even if it’s a wedding anniversary, the kids love being there to witness the gift giving and greetings.

Though some people thought it would never last... Celebrating 15 years of life partnership today, with the man who promised to show me the world (and delivering well on that promise!)... And be with me, as I am - the good, the bad, and the ugly bits. We'v

After greetings and gifts were exchanged, we all got ready for our very full day...


There were school drop offs, which is something I'm not normally a part of. In fact, I'm not even sure if I posted a school drop-off photo last year. Since I work from my home office primarily, hubby is the one who does most of the drop-offs. So, I am happy when I do get the chance to see the kids off to school. fotor_(9)

After the drop-offs, hubby and I decided to go for a quick wedding anniversary breakfast on the way to our daughter's school event. Nothing fancy. Just shared a full breakfast, as we were in a rush. But, I guess, at least we got to spend a bit of 'just us' date time on our anniversary. Even if it was just for 30 minutes or so! WITLDay2b

Then, we went to attend our daughter's end-of-year junior school picnic at one of the national parks here in South Australia that morning. This was my first time to do this, as hubby and I missed the first one a couple of years ago (and felt really guilty about it). Then, last year, I had some client meetings that I couldn't get out of, so I missed it again. Seeing as my daughter will be in Year 2 next year (her final year in Junior Primary), I thought I'd make an effort to attend this year. She was very pleased that both mum and dad were there for her this year. Definitely loved seeing that delighted face!


When the picnic was over, we went home and got greeted by some not-so-good news: during part of our backyard renovations, we hired someone to re-do our pool's fencing. And, they ended up hitting storm water pipes, which required us to arrange for a plumber to fix it the next day.


As the workers did their thing in our backyard, I opted to go to my bedroom and work there instead, as there was too much going on near my usual home office area. Hubby went off to do his own work too.

Thankfully, I did manage to get work done almost up until the time the family needed to head off for our 8pm dinner reservation at the new Jamie's Italian restaurant (by Jamie Oliver).


We then made the trek into the city and enjoyed a lovely family date anniversary dinner.

It's a family dinner date at the new Jamie's Italian restaurant, to celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary. Thanks for all the well wishes! It has been a lovely day. <3 xo

We've been meaning to go to Jamie's Italian since we heard about its opening, but we haven't found a good reason to go - until last night. Hubby, though, booked the dinner a few weeks ago because we knew it can sometimes be tricky to get in there. That's why even though I was meant to do art teaching this evening, the great folks I work with at Splashout told me I can keep the reservation with the family and just to enjoy the evening. Really grateful for that, as I know the kids had been looking forward to it for weeks. I'm hoping to write a proper review of Jamie's Italian at some stage here on the blog.


But, yes, as a summary: We enjoyed the evening, even though the kids did end up feeling tired by the end of it, as it was a really late night for them. Though they seem really glad that we decided to include them in this year's anniversary celebrations instead of getting a babysitter.


We were home by 11pm, completely exhausted, and the kids fast asleep. That's when I ended up blogging yesterday's round-up. Now, let's hope I can survive another day of 'A Week in the Life 2014'...

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