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Today: Life guided journal on Amazon

Today: Life guided journal is now available on Amazon.com! Buy Now.

Yes. Remember that post when I said that my book, Today: Life guided journal is about to be available? Well, a few days ago, I received my very own copy in the flesh -

Wooohooo! #JournalingToday is here! Yes, the physical proof of my new #journaling book has finally arrived. I'm so excited, my hands haven't stopped shaking since the postman dropped this off. When I finally calm down, I will take photos of interiors too.

Needless to say, I was sooo excited. It almost felt surreal.

And now, the next step has happened: It's now available for purchase! At least, on Amazon for now.

I'm still waiting to hear where else it would end up in. But, for now, I'm really glad that it's actually out there.

Also, I've started developing free printables for the journal. The first one is now available at Paper Boat Publishing's website.

For those who don't use Amazon, I'll keep you posted on where else you can purchase the journal when it's ready. You can also try and order it through your local bookstores, so that they can order from Paper Boat Publishing's distributor.

If you're based in Australia, I'll be making a limited number available directly from me shortly. I'll share the sales page as soon as possible.

Oh, and yes, after I received my own copy of the journal, I decided to do my very first time lapse video showing the internal pages of the journal and some ideas on how to use it.

Not a perfect video, but I'm glad I've finally given time lapse a go. It was all created using mobile devices. Including the music which was digitally composed by my own 11-year-old son on a tablet. Both my kids are thrilled to be taking part in this whole publishing journey and it's really amazing to be sharing this with them - and with you.

If you end up with your very own Today:Life guided journal, I look forward to hearing from you. I'd love to know how you're using it!

P.S. - The holidays are just around the corner. Journals make great presents, especially for the coming new year. 😉

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