Value: Word of the Year 2016

Value - Word of The Year 2016

I've been meaning to share my Word of the Year for weeks now. But, between travels and catching up with work after the holidays, then settling back into old and new routines, blogging has fallen by the wayside. Yep, as usual. But, I'm here again, trying to get back on track with blogging.

And, I'm doing that now by sharing my 2016 Word of the Year (WOTY): VALUE.

This word came up top, followed by Give and Purpose, while I was going through my annual WOTY process.

And, I'm keen to find out what this word will bring into my life this year and onwards. Because, yes, that's the thing with WOTYs. They never just stay as a 'special word' for one year. In my experience, they seem to become special words for life. That's why I feel that choosing a WOTY is a big deal.

Anyway, as part of my WOTY process, I try to make at least one small art piece for my word. Sometimes, more. And, I display that art piece somewhere I can easily see it every day. To help me to stay focused and on track. This year, it's the card that you see in the photo above. And, the quote below -

"Strive not to be a success but rather to be of value." - Albert Einstein

"Strive not to be a success but rather to be of value." - Albert Einstein

It's really interesting how this word just stayed with me while I was considering my options. That's why I'm keen to know what VALUE really means to me. I know that this word has several meanings, and I intend to learn how all of those meanings relate to my life right now.

Some questions that come to mind when I think of my WOTY this year include: What are my most important values? What are the things that I value the most? How do I value myself? How do I value others?

I am also challenging myself by asking: How can I bring more value to everything that I do and am part of? How do I add value to others' lives and endeavors?

So, yes,  I'm anticipating a few WOTY-related moments in 2016. I'll try to check-in as often as I can here.

Did you choose a WOTY this year? What's your word and how did you end up choosing it?

To find out my previous words of the year, you can check out my WOTY archive.

Regardless of where I am, or what I'm going through, choosing my One Word of the year is a practice that I intend to keep at this time of the year. I've started doing it late in 2007, when I chose my first word for 2008. Since then, I have seen the power

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