5 Things People Want To Learn (Initial Insights from Survey)

Getting the recent survey out was an eye opener for me in more ways than one. And, I'm very grateful to all those who took the time to respond. It's still ongoing, but already, I have learnt a lot. The survey will be up until Friday, so please do give it a go, if you haven't done so yet.

Anyway, before I close the survey, I thought I'd share some of the things that people have shared so far, with some insights that I've gathered based on the responses. And, what I hope to be able to do about it all. I'll also share some key findings later, after the survey ends.

In any case, here are some things I've learnt so far -

5 Things People Want To Learn

People need some help to get things done.

Close to 60% of the participants have identified "Turning ideas into action" as one of their top topics that they want to learn more about. A few people have shared more information in the text box provided for. And, I hear 'ya! In fact, this is a topic that's very close to my heart.

We can be abundant with ideas, but remain time poor, so implementation of such ideas can be a bit daunting. Not to mention, needing to battle those nasty blocks that we often encounter along the way. That's why I'm so keen to create content that would provide ways to address this topic. I hope to share processes that I've learnt and developed, as this is a topic that's recurring.

No matter how experienced and professional we might be in many aspects of our lives, there are certain situations where no amount of experience and knowledge can propel us forward. Sometimes, we need extra guidance to move from A to B to C... all the way to whatever letter of the alphabet we need to get to. 

People are looking for ways to create products in order to come up with other sources of income.

Around 62% of the respondents have said so, so far. Since some of the participants on this survey were from a product creation workshop that I'm taking, this didn't come as a complete surprise. What I didn't expect was that many people from within my regular circles are also thinking about this. It wasn't in my list of ideas for an ecourse/online workshop/ebook/content to create, so this has given me a lot of juice for content creation.

People are thinking of building meaningful businesses and/or making money online.

Combined, it would be close to 80% of the respondents' answers were looking to learn more about these topics. As a lifelong serial entrepreneur, I know I have a lot to say about these topics. In fact, I started Just Make Money Online many years ago because I used to keep getting so many questions about how I've managed to make a living off the web. But, with the influx of Internet marketers (both good ones and dodgy ones, I must say), I became uncertain about whether or not I have more to say than what everyone else was already saying.

But now, I remembered: Even though there may be many other people talking about the same thing, we all are able to say things in different ways that will appeal to different kind of people. I only need to concern myself with those who want to approach business (both online and otherwise) the way I would like to.

Some people want to make money in any way they can. Others just want to do so by following their passions. I'm in the camp of wishing to create businesses that resonate with my interests, but also with the view of being ethical and practical. If people wish to be in the same camp, then I'm more than happy to be camp facilitator.

People are looking for guidance on how to use social media professionally.

With all the articles and guides out there, I thought this topic has been 'done to death'. That's why I was surprised to see this as one of the top favourite topics in the survey, with well over 70% combined responses to two social media-related ideas that I have shared.

With social media being the main offering of my main business, I know I should be overjoyed. But admittedly, when I began this journey of seeking content to develop that people would love to know more about from me, I didn't expect social media to come up. Yes, even though it's my 'day job' and it's the area where I am most known in, I didn't think that people within my circles (outside of my Vervely work) would be interested in learning more about this topic. That's why I don't often talk about it here at ShaiCoggins.com. That's why this survey is helping me to re-think my approach on this matter.

With the realisation that people do want to learn more about social media use in a professional and more structured manner, I am keen to pull together as much information as I can based on 15+ years of using social media to sell products and services, find jobs and clients, connect with communities, expand my networks, develop my expertise, and more.

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People wish to develop creative practices that work with their lifestyles.

In spite of all our busy-ness in day-to-day lives, many of us long to practice creativity - be it developing a sketchbook practice, a journaling practice, a writing practice, or learning how to use mobile phones for art-making. A combined response of 80%+ were directed towards wishing to learn more about creative practices.

Those who mentioned creativity as something that they wish to learn more about, a few also mentioned that part of the challenge is not knowing how to start or maintain such a practice. I've already started addressing these concerns here at ShaiCoggins.com and through my work in publishing. However, as some of the participants pointed out, there is a need to provide a more structured approach into developing creative practices. I'm determined to figure out a way to do just that.

So, the big question now is: With all of these things that people wish to learn more about, which one should I focus on first?

That's what I hope the survey will help to answer. So, if you haven't had the chance to give your say yet, please do so. I'd really appreciate it. You'd only need 5-10 minutes to complete the survey. And, apart from the gift offers I have, I hope to be able to create content that would help YOU the most in return.

Take the survey now.

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