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As the end of the year closes in, how do you start winding down and preparing for the new year?

Usually, there are holiday parties, family get-togethers, and glorious get-aways that take up a lot of our energy during this season. So, taking time for planning and preparation can be a challenge.

However, one of the things that CAN make a difference in how our year unfolds may be attributed to how we approach the coming days, weeks, and months.

That's why one of the many long traditions in our society is making New Year's Resolutions. We make them with the hope of creating the change we hope for in our lives. But, unfortunately, it's something that most of us inevitably break within a few days of stating our resolutions.

Goal-setting is also another practice that many undergo in the new year. Myself included. I love setting goals. But usually, what we hope to achieve at the beginning of the year may not be the same a few months into the year. Our situations change. Our viewpoints shift.

So, while a year's worth of goal setting is also great practice, this is actually something that should be approached with a bit more fluidity. We need to review and adjust our goals every few months or so to make them fit into the more current version of ourselves.

One Word. Find Focus. Create Change.

That's why One Word is better than New Year's Resolutions and Big Goals.

The practice of One Word is not one that you can break or fail easily, like New Year's Resolutions. It also doesn't need to be reviewed and adjusted regularly, like goal setting.

If you've given your One Word enough time and consideration at the start, it's an amazing tool to use as a guide throughout the year. And, if you commit to 'owning' your One Word throughout the year, it can leave a lasting, life-changing impact.

Blogger and fashionista extraordinaire Julie Bonner of MomFabulous.com has this to say about the One Word practice:

"Once I started doing a word of the year instead of resolutions, things started falling into place. It also made making decisions so much easier because I base them on my word."

Julie Bonner, MomFabulous.com

And, I wholeheartedly agree. One Word offers a simple and powerful way to find focus and create change.

That's why when people started asking me questions like: "How do you choose your One Word of the year?" or "Do you find that you lose touch with your One Word as the year goes on?" - I started taking notes and documenting my own One Word process.

I want to help others find the joy and empowerment that One Word can bring. That's why I ended up creating the One Word Workbook, as well as its companion resource, the One Word Projects mini ebook.

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What's One Word Workbook all about?

In a nutshell, One Word Workbook is a 50+ page PDF document with tips, ideas, interactive ('fillable') pages, inspirational quotes, and check-in pages. It helps to guide you in a more thoughtful, considered way of choosing your One Word for the year. And, it provides some resources to keep you accountable and focussed, so you can really 'own' your Word and keep it top of mind throughout the year.

This type of commitment to your One Word helps to unleash its real power and potential in your life.

After all, what's the point in choosing a Word of the Year if it doesn't really do anything for you, right?

In my experience, such a commitment to my One Word helped to open an incredible array of opportunities and lessons that helped me to grow and find abundance in many ways. Amazing businesses, friendships, jobs… These are just some things that have come about through my words of the year over the last 8+ years. This is why I love sharing about this practice.

I know many others have found similar successes and joy. And, I hope that many more will find such rewards from the One Word practice.

If you're someone who wants to see what One Word can bring you in the coming year (or even many years to come), I hope that you'll give One Word Workbook a go. I look forward to supporting you in the process!

Words are powerful energies

What about One Word Projects?

One Word Projects is a 20+ page mini ebook in PDF format. It contains 10 projects, with tips and ideas on how you can maximise the use of your One Word. You can opt for simple or more elaborate approaches to the projects.

The idea is that you get to develop a relationship with your One Word, so you can experience its true value and impact.

So, remember: Choose your One Word wisely!

You will have to live with it for a year. And, if all goes well, even for longer than that.

Yes, you can choose it using a 'gut-feel' approach. This can work for a number of people. In fact, I've done it during the first couple of words I've chosen. It's only when I realised just how powerful it is to choose a word that I decided to be more careful and deliberate.

No matter how you decide to choose your One Word, it will attract certain people, situations, events, and opportunities into your life. That's why it's important to have that confidence in the word that you invite into your life.

So, if you would like some guidance on choosing and committing to your word, then One Word Workbook might be able to help.

LEARN MORE About One Word Workbook
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