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Hi there. Shai here. You can read all about me and this blog right here. I'd love to learn more about you some time too. Do leave a comment and say hello!

Hi! My name is Shai Coggins and I've been running this blog since 1999, long before the term 'blog' became an official word. Always loved writing and telling stories, so blogging became a great outlet for me. I've loved it so much that I ended up building a business around it (b5media) - and helping others to learn how to blog (as the first Web Logs Guide at About.com, amongst other gigs). I also started and/or contributed to a number of professional blogs, some of which were even acknowledged with awards and media mentions.

About This Blog

My first foray into the world of blogs was purely for the love of it. I never planned to become a professional blogger or social media professional. In fact, back then, it seemed impossible to consider any of these as possible sources of income. But, it happened. And, the world of blogging and social media have never been the same.

At the moment, I run a digital agency called Vervely. If you want to know more about my work, that's the best place to go.

ShaiCoggins.com is a personal blog. Sometimes, I call it a blogzine. Some people call it a 'Lifestyles Blog.'

However anyone wish to call it, it is a place where I keep the stories that I want to keep online. Sometimes, I like to keep ideas, projects, and other tidbits from life. So, I blog about those too.

But, the general idea of this blog is all about keeping stories.

My hope is that with the stories that I end up keeping and sharing here, I can encourage, inspire, and empower others to keep stories too. Be it in public or in private. Personally or professionally. Or, perhaps, all of these - and more.

Storykeeping is a powerful practice that can help us to experience moments in our lives in different ways. It can make us to see ourselves (and even the people around us) in ways that we may not usually see. In fact, I daresay that storykeeping can even help us to change our lives and our paths.

To me, stories come in all sorts of forms - big and little moments, daily events and massive milestones... They can happen as part of the food we eat, the clothes we wear, the people we meet, the places we visit, the experiences we have, the things we create...

Capturing these stories - in words and/or pictures - is almost a form of magic. That's why, to me, blogging stories is just like magic. And, storykeeping bloggers are magic makers.

I wish to make that magic happen often and regularly. But, in reality, my blogging schedule here at ShaiCoggins.com has no rhyme or reason at this moment. I try to blog once or twice a week. But, there are weeks that are extra busy with reality so magic-making and storykeeping take the backseat. That's why I encourage you to subscribe to the blog via email and/or RSS. And, perhaps, join me over at Facebook to get notified of new  posts.

About Me

Apart from being a long-time blogger and a business owner of a digital media agency, my other professional exploits have been recorded over at my Media page. So, I'll try not to repeat any of those fancy titles and accolades in this section.

On a personal level, I'm a Mum of two young kids - a boy (currently aged 10) and a girl (currently aged 7), and a wife to my British- Aussie husband. We have a cavoodle dog called Blue.

Hubby and I moved to Australia early in 2003 and we became Australian citizens in 2005. I was originally from the Philippines and he was from England. Prior to calling Australia home, we lived in Singapore for a few years (and even got married there in one of two weddings; the other wedding being in Manila). We've also travelled to and/or lived in different parts of the USA, Canada, South Africa, France, UK, Belgium, Malaysia, Brunei, Thailand, Dubai, New Zealand, and Australia. Needless to say, hubby and I love travel and cultures. And, it looks like we're raising two travel bugs too.

I hold two Masters' degrees - one in Applied Psychology (from National University of Singapore) and another in Teaching (Flinders University, Australia). I also hold a four-year Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology (from University of St Thomas, Manila).

Although I've practiced psychology and teaching in the Philippines and Singapore, I've only really done supervised psychology practice and teaching here in Australia. My growing practice and business in communications and media helped me to decide to leave psychology and teaching as professional practices at this point of my life. I still love both psychology and teaching. In fact, I do believe that these disciplines help me to do digital media and communications with a difference.

Apart from family life, work, and travels, I do enjoy pursuing several personal projects and interests such as reading, movies, TV, music, crafts, food, writing, and art. My favourite creative pursuits include painting, mixed media, sketching, journalling, novel writing, scriptwriting, filmmaking, photography, and bento lunchbox making. I am also known to love shoes, chocolates, and gadgets.

All these experiences and interests get captured in some way through this blog as my way of storykeeping. These are some things that you can expect to read about - as well as anything else that catches my fancy at any given time.

I hope that you will enjoying being part of these storykeeping adventures!

And, if you're on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Flickr, Instagram, Pinterest, and/or other social media channels - please find me via shaicoggins (buttons on the side bar). I'd love to connect with you.

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