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Media: Writer on Focus


Date/Issue: October 2000
Page: ELLE Contributors Page ("Miss Money Penny"); with photo

Interviews with Shai

Guest Author, Fear of Writing Clinic Chat Room, 2001
Company Profile: Web site by author Milli Thornton
Interview Topic: General writing and publishing.

Galing.com Feature, 2000
Company Profile: A web-zine (now defunct)
Interview Topic: On becoming an international freelance writer.

Ewritersplace Feature, 2000
Company Profile: A writers' web site and ezine
Interview Topic: About life as an ezine publisher and writer

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Shai Coggins: Professional Writing Resume

Professional Summary

Shai Coggins is an international freelance writer. She has written and published topics on language, communication, web logs (aka 'blogs' or 'weblogs'), information technology, learning, travel, arts, relationships, women's issues, psychology, and health among others. She also edits and publishes web sites, ebooks and ezines. Some of her works appeared in publications such as ELLE Magazine (Singapore), Today's Child, Woman Today, Woman's Companion, ezyhealth, Language Update, About.com, AtTheFence.com, Farma Magazine, Filipino Magazine, and Suite101.com, among several others. She is the author of a children's book called, 'A Song for Grandma' and an ebook titled 'Rust on the Roof: Introduction to Creative Writing.' Shai also teaches, coaches and mentors beginning writers.

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Resources for Writers

Writing World
There are lots of useful content online, although you might find the site a bit too crowded with ads.

Writers Digest
I read and use the print magazine more than the online version. However, the web site does have a lot of interesting things to offer too.

Writers Weekly
I'm subscribed to this site's free weekly newsletter. It's both an entertaining and an informational read. Although it's also a bit too heavy on the ads (mostly of ebooks).

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A Fresh Start

Hello, WordPress. Farewell, MovableType.

Don't get me wrong. MT will always have a place in my geeky heart. But, due to some restrictions, I decided to make my move.

I never thought I'll see the day that I'll begin deleting MT from my server (I'm still not completely done as of this date, actually). When I found MT some 2 or 2.5 years ago, I thought I'm stuck for the rest of my wired life. Call it technological kismet or something. After moving from one content management system after another, I was ready to commit to MT forever.

Alas! It wasn't a marriage made in WWW heaven after all.

I resisted leaving. After all, I already feel as though I can work with all the kinks and such of MT. That's why I wanted to stick with it.

But, at some point, I knew I had to go.

So, here I am. Starting over. Getting to know WP bit by bit, like a new friend.

And, in the true spirit of fresh beginnings, I decided not to import all my previous files from 2002 ('been onling journalling/blogging since 1999, though). They feel like baggage from a previous relationship at this stage.

I want something new. I want something different.

Let's see how this one goes.

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