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Expressive Travel Sketching Adelaide: Workshop Highlights

It's official: I LOVE teaching travel sketching.

As mentioned in my last post, I conducted my first ever (SOLD OUT!) Expressive Travel Sketching Workshop hosted by Art Stretchers Adelaide.

Expressive Travel Sketching Workshop - Adelaide

The workshop was FULLY BOOKED a week before the deadline!

Here's what the management of Art Stretchers said of the event:

"We are so pleased that this workshop was such a great success. Thanks to Shai for making it so interesting. It was great to see participants coming away from it with new skills and a smile on their faces. Well done."

As you can probably imagine, I'm still grinning from ear to ear. The weather was lovely (albeit, a little on the warm side!), the setting was great, and the participants were perfect. I couldn't have asked for a much better group of people to share my love of sketching with. Such enthusiastic, lovely, and talented people!

Expressive Travel Sketching Workshop Adelaide - Setup

Getting ready for the workshop - with props, handouts, sketchbooks, hand lettered name tags, and yes - chocolate biscuits!

The workshop began with a quick welcome and introduction. While many were meeting for the first time, it was great to see some people who knew each other, with some participants belonging to the Pastel Arts Society of South Australia + inviting a friend to come along. There was a range of art experiences in the group - from novice to more experienced. But, everyone was keen and ready to learn.

Expressive Travel Sketching Workshop - Adelaide

That was me, doing a sketching demo for the exercises. It was interesting to sketch from that angle! 🙂 Photo Credit: Diane O'Brien

We worked on some materials, with The 5S of Travel Sketching as our main guide. We discussed ideas, sample sketches, and more. I also did some sketching demos for the sketching exercises.

Expressive Travel Sketching Workshop - Adelaide - 4 Mar 2017

Workshop participants sketching travel souvenirs for one of the sketching exercises.

After covering some of the travel sketching materials and exercises, it was time for an outing! The group headed across the road from Art Stretchers - and into one of Adelaide's beautiful parklands in the city.

Everyone found their own special spot in the shade and were encouraged to sketch en plein air based on some of the earlier discussions, exercises, and sample sketches.

Expressive Travel Sketching Workshop - Adelaide

Workshop participants sketching en plein air.

After the quick sketching session (yes, just 15 minutes!), everyone shared their efforts. It was great to see the different styles and approaches that each participant took. It's very much how sketchbooks should be - UNIQUE!

Expressive Travel Sketching Workshop Adelaide

Workshop participants are encouraged to explore their individual styles and share their unique perspectives of the world that they see. It's what travel sketching is all about!

Once the first en plein air sketching session was completed, we headed off to the nearest watering hole we could find. I was hoping to find a lovely cafe nearby, but unfortunately, most were shut. So, we ended up at a local pub, where the big, empty tables outside were perfect for our sketching group.

Expressive Travel Sketching Workshop - Adelaide

You'd think we actually planned to hire this spot to sketch in the city! Great travel sketching experience practice. 🙂

During this stop, folks did their sketches and I talked to each one about their work. We discussed how you can troubleshoot sketches that seemed like 'disasters'. How to continue sketching, even when you're feeling unsure. And more.

Of course, the coffees and the cold drinks helped (love the Lemon, Lime and Bitters!).

We wrapped up the 'Sip and Sketch' Session to head back to Art Stretchers and debrief. There were a lot of great feedback and ideas that came about. One of my favourites was when one of the participants just said out loud: "This opened up a whole new world for me!"

That was exactly the kind of result I was hoping for!

Expressive Travel Sketching Workshop - Adelaide

The final sketches from the workshop, from the "Sip and Sketch" Session. Aren't they gorgeous? 

To view more photos from the workshop, go to the Expressive Travel Sketching Workshop - Adelaide Album on my Facebook Page.

Here's some feedback about the workshop:

The workshop was quick, precise, to the point. Lots of hands on and very informative content and materials. I learnt a lot in a very short time. This has opened up a whole new world for me!

Astrid H Workshop Participant

The workshop had good coverage for a short course. Shai was a great presenter! Learnt about the basics of keeping sketchbooks and how to use the tools.

HB Workshop Participant

The content of this workshop was excellent! It was explained very well - clearly, concisely, and with passion. Loved Shai's examples, enthusiasm, and encouragement. Thanks Shai, you're a gem!

AHR Workshop Participant

The best thing I learnt was about speed in sketching - letting go of accuracy and not getting hung up on perspective. The workshop was a good mix of chat and practice. Shai was engaging and enthusiastic.

KP Workshop Participant

I liked learning how to be 'freer' and seeing Shai's enthusiasm! She was an excellent presenter. The workshop was fun and covered all aspects. I learnt so much and it was enjoyable. Recommended!

Diane O' Brien Workshop Participant / President, Pastel Arts Society of South Australia

Everything was explained very well from the supplies to how to find moments to sketch. I enjoyed the setup of the workshop. We even had enough time to head outside and sketch. Shai was very keen to share her experience and ability with everyone.

Angela W Workshop Participant / Manager, Art Stretchers Adelaide

We are so pleased that this workshop was such a great success. Thanks to Shai for making it so interesting. It was great to see participants coming away from it with new skills and a smile on their faces. Well done.

Art Stretchers Adelaide Management

The workshop had great content and learning sheets provided. I liked the candid examples of our tutor, Shai. She was very pleasant and informative. I recommend this workshop to others in the future. It's very inclusive and relaxed!

Kay W Workshop Participant

The workshop was lovely. It's just what I wanted. The content was excellent and the facilitator was awesome. Will recommend to others!

SK Workshop Participant

Seeing the participants' sketchbooks, their smiles, and their feedback definitely encouraged me to keep doing more of these. So, for those who missed out, I'm hoping that there will be more sketching and other workshops in the future. If you'd like to be notified of future events and workshops in Adelaide, please sign up to the notification list.

Expressive Travel Sketching Workshop - Adelaide

Seeing workshop participants deep into their sketches - and smiling! - are the best parts of this day. 🙂

Thanks again to everyone who supported this event:

  • Angela and the Art Stretchers Adelaide crew for making it happen and promoting it so well;
  • Friends/Family/Colleagues who shared the event with their contacts/networks; and of course,
  • The wonderful participants of Expressive Travel Sketching Workshop!

You all made this day incredible!

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