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Month Nine Party (Weeks 41 - 44)
Baked GoodiesRound-up of participants, Total # of entries - 30+, Served: baked goodies
Raffle winners: Kari, Melissa W and Rachel Cotterill
Prizes: Party Pack + $25 Paypal or Gift Certificate

52WoC#41: Your Top 10 List (Done)
52WoC#42: Reconnection (Done)
52WoC#43: From Online to Real Life (Done)
52WoC #44: Your Blogging Beginnings (Done)

Month Eight Party (Weeks 31 - 40)
Chocolate CrinklesRound-up of participants, Total # of entries - 71, Served: chocolate crinkles
Raffle winners: Rachel Cotterill, Em Dy, and Nicola
Prizes: $25 Gift Certificate, 2 surprise goody bags
Special props for completing 5 tasks: n/a

52WoC #40: We Love our Blog Community (Done)
52WoC #39: Your Feedback Needed (Done)
52WoC #38: Join or Start a Challenge (Done)
52WoC #37: Goals, Plans, and More for the New Year (Done)
52WoC #36: Holiday Cheer (Done)
52WoC #35: Random Comment Love (Done)
52WoC #34: Interview Time (Done)
52WoC #33: Holiday Fun Swap(Done)
52WoC #32: NaBloPoMo and NaNoWriMo Time! (Done)
52WoC #31: Email a Blogger (Done)

Day 122 - Project 365 - 1st May 08 : CHOCOLATE TREATMonth Seven Party (Weeks 27 - 30)
Round-up of participants, Total # of entries - 43, Served: chocolates
Raffle winners: Ivan Girl, Nenette, Alicia, Lynn, and blue rose.
Prizes: 8 Prizes (Gocco prints, soft toy/tote bag, creativity kit, notebooks, $25 Paypal cash or Flickr Pro sub or Picnik Pro sub)
Special props for completing 4 tasks: blue rose

52WoC#30: Blog Action Day '08 (Done)
52WoC#29: It's Blog Meme (or Group Project) Time! (Done)
52WoC#28: Your Favourite Blog Community Activity (Done)
52WoC #27: Blog Birthdays/Anniversaries (Done)

WedgesMonth Six Party (Weeks 23 - 26)
Round-up of participants, Total # of entries: 44, Served: Wedges
Raffle winners: Xee and Kari
Prizes: Notecards/Giftcards Set + Red Journal
Special props for completing 4 tasks: Nicola and Toni

52WoC #26: Buttons, Buttons, Buttons (Done)
52WoC #25: Comments Special (Done)
52WoC #24: Flickr Fun! (Done, suggested by Lynn Stevens)
52WoC #23: Forum Fun! (Done)

Day 96 - Project 365 - 5th Apr 08: DINNER SPREADMonth Five Party (Weeks 18 - 22)
Round-up of participants, Total: 36 entries; Served: Kebabs + curried veges + basmati rice
Raffle winner: Lynn Stevens
Prize: a Flickr Pro Account OR one of my gocco prints OR a $25 Cash-equivalent (payable via Paypal)
Special props for completing 5 tasks: Kari and Toni

52WoC Week #22: Hold a Blog Contest/Raffle (Done; suggested by Kari)
52WoC Week#21: Get Your Plurk On (Done)
52WoC Week#20: Let's Hear You! (Done; suggested by Toni)
52WoC Week#19: Suggest a Theme (Done, suggested by Nicola)
52WoC Week#18: Start or Join a Fan Club (Done)

NachosMonth Four Party (Weeks 13 - 17)
Round-up of participants, Total: 30+, We served: Nachos
Raffle winners: Heather + Nicola
Prizes: 1) $30 Winner's Choice Award and 2) New Gocco Print
Special props for completing 4 tasks: Toni

52WoC Week#17: International "Thank You" Week (Done)
52WoC Week#16: Bring-a-Friend Week (Done)
52WoC Week #15: Get to Know Your Readers (Done)
52WoC Week#14: Getting to Know You (Done)
52WoC Week#13: Best Post of the Month (Done)

My First Proper Taste of SushiMonth Three Party (Weeks 9 - 12)
Round-up of participants, Total: 15, We served - Sushi + Vodka Cruiser
Raffle winners: Toni & Amy
Prizes: 1) Customised Art Journal and 2) b5media Gear
Special props for completing 4 tasks: Nenette, Nicola, Toni, and Em Dy

52WoC Week #12: Give a Blog Star Award (Done)
52WoC Week #11: Get a Gravatar! (Done)
52WoC Week#10: Collab Project Help (Done)
52WoC Week#9: More Social Networking Fun (Done)

Blackforest CakeMonth Two Party (Weeks 5 - 8 )
Round-up of participants, Total: 15, We served: Virtual Cakes
Raffle winner: Jami
Prize: $30 Winner's Choice Award (via Paypal)
Special props for completing 4 tasks: Toni and Nenette

52WoC #8: Blog Carnival Lovin' (Done)
52WoC #7: Reader Spotlight (Done)
52WoC #6: Start and Vote in Polls! (Done)
52WoC #5: Blog Post Lovin' (Done)

14th Feb 08 : VALENTINE HEART PANCAKEMonth One Party (Weeks 1 -4)
Round-up of participants, Total: 17, We served: Valentine pancakes and Roses
First raffle winner- Kari (Prize: Flickr Pro subscription)
Special props for completing 4 tasks: Kari, Nicola and Jami

52WoC #4: Stumble Lovin' (Done)
52WoC #3: Support-a-Blogger (Done)
52WoC #2: Give the Gift of Link Lovin' (Done)
52WoC #1: Blogroll Lovin' (Done)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is 52WoC all about?

52WoC is short for 52 Weeks of Blog Community. It's a project that was started by me, Shai Coggins, to encourage networking and support amongst bloggers for a full year.

New tasks are posted every week, and folks are encouraged to try the task. If they participate in that week's task, they get to be included in the participants' list for the week.

Participants' round-ups are posted twice: The week after the task was posted (with the new task), and again, during the monthly "virtual parties".

New tasks and previous week's round-ups are posted Mondays. Everyone gets the chance to join in until the task is 'closed'/completed the following week.

What are the 52WoC Monthly Virtual Parties all about?

Monthly virtual parties celebrate participants for the tasks of the month. It's a time to say thanks... And, as part of the party, we serve virtual party food. And, we give REAL prizes away. All participants get their names put in a raffle draw. They get 1 raffle entry per task they complete.

So, for example, for Weeks 1 to 4, you complete all 4 tasks, you get 4 raffle entries. 4 chances to win the month's prize.

Prizes? What type of prizes?

There are different prizes on offer every month. So far, we've given away: Flickr Pro account, a donation to the winner's chosen charity, and customised art journals.

Do you have to start from Week 1 to join in?

No. You can jump in any time. Actually, the only task you'll be able to participate in is the current week's task. All previous tasks get closed every week.

Of course, you're still welcome to do those past tasks, but they won't be 'counted' for our round-ups, etc.

Do you have to do the tasks every week if you join in?

No. Many 52WoCers try to join weekly. However, this is not necessary. You can choose the task you like best, then just join in. If, say you join Week #6, but you really don't want to take part in Weeks #7 & #8, that's OK. Maybe you'll like the task for Week #9! Just play with us whenever you feel like it.

Can you invite other people to join 52WoC? Tell your blog mates all about it?

Yes, absolutely. Please do! It'll be great to grow our circle of blogging buddies.

Other than getting a chance to join the virtual parties and a raffle entry, what else do you get from joining 52WoC?

1. You get link love from this blog (ShaiCoggins.com). We all know that link love is always useful!

2. You can make new blog friends and gain new readers. It is known that many 52WoCers end up visiting each other's blogs, leaving comments, etc etc. Who knows what can come up from those new connections!

3. You get some new blogging inspiration. Some 52WoCers claim that when they're feeling a bit stuck or uninspired with their blogging, they get some good ideas from 52WoC.

I'm sure there are other side benefits. But, if I haven't convinced you to join 52WoC by now, I don't know what will. 😉

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact me.