Which Is The Best Social Media Channel For You? {Quiz}

When it comes to boosting their online presence, one of the most common questions people ask me is: Which social media channel should I use?

While there is no one simple answer to this question, there are some guidelines that you can use when choosing to start and/or to develop your social media channels. This simple quiz is designed to help you to think about how some of those guidelines apply to your situation.

Some notes about this quiz:

  • There are a number of social media channels that were not included in this quiz for a number of reasons. The following channels were chosen due to their popularity and varying uses: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Periscope, and YouTube.
  • If you already have existing channels that you like using, you can take this quiz as a guide to choosing your second or third preferred social media channel.
  • Since you will only be given ONE social media channel suggestion at the end of the quiz, it doesn't mean that you shouldn't use the others. That one suggestion can simply serve as your guide on which channel to develop for your particular purpose. You might use it to guide you in which social media channel you should invest more time, money, and other resources in. For example, if you've been wondering whether to advertise on LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook, your quiz response might help you make that decision.
  • Other possible uses of this quiz's result:
    • Choosing which social media channel to specialise in;
    • Choosing which social media channel to learn more about (through online courses, training, coaching, etc);
    • Choosing which social media channel to create more content for; etc
  • The result of this quiz should only serve as a rough guide for you when creating a social media plan. To have a more specific strategy that would work best for you, you need to consult a social media specialist. You can book a social media coaching plan with me, if you need more specific guidance with your strategy.