Expressive Pen and Ink Drawing Workshop (Adelaide)


Learn and practise expressive drawing techniques using pen and ink in this live workshop in Adelaide! This hands-on workshop will be held on 3rd June, 12-3pm at Art Stretchers Adelaide.

You can purchase a kit that includes the basic materials that you’ll need for the workshop at Art Stretchers Adelaide on or before the day. Booked-in participants will get 20% discount for the kit, as well as any other art materials purchased on the day. Regular price for the kit is $30.35, but it will be available for $20 to all participants.

Any additional materials (apart from the basic kit) that would be used at the workshop will be available at no additional cost for participants on the day.

Book early! Only 8 spaces available. Last workshop by Shai Coggins was fully booked a week before the deadline!

Cost: AU $60 (GST included)

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"How you draw is a reflection of how you feel about the world. You're not capturing it, you're interpreting it." -Juliette Aristides

Whether you're new to drawing or you're an experienced artist wishing to learn a new medium or a more loose and expressive approach to drawing, then Expressive Pen and Ink Drawing Workshop is for you. 

This workshop will cover various drawing exercises to help you to become more confident with using pen and ink as art-making tools. You will also learn different ways to add a variety of media and techniques to make your artwork pop! We will be exploring our pen and ink drawings with watercolours, gouache, crayons, pastels, and more.


Drawing is an important part of every artist's toolbox. Claudia Massie once wrote about the importance of drawing and said: "Drawing is looking, and there is no better way to learn to see and understand the world around us. Drawing has the power to deepen comprehension and transform perception." As a child, drawing is one of our first ways to communicate. However, many decide to stop drawing when they feel their drawing isn't 'good enough' (i.e., not realistic or photographic). Even many people who love art don't draw often enough for a variety of reasons. In this workshop, you will re-discover an approach to drawing that can ignite a new love for this practice. 

Art Stretchers Adelaide

The workshop will be held at Art Stretchers Adelaide (161 Morphett Street, Adelaide, SA 5000), the host and organiser of the Expressive Pen and Ink Drawing Workshop. There will be tea and/or coffee available for participants during the workshop.

​There is a recommended kit for this workshop that usually costs $30.35. But, workshop participants will be able to purchase it for only $20. All participants are also able to receive 20% discount for any additional purchases on the day of the workshop. All additional materials needed will be provided for during the session.

What's Included in the Kit: Pen Holder with Nibs (5 different size nibs), Cartridge Pad (50 sheets), Artist-Quality Black Ink​

Feedback From Shai's Previous Workshop at Art Stretchers Adelaide

The workshop had great content and learning sheets provided. I liked the candid examples of our tutor, Shai. She was very pleasant and informative. I recommend this workshop to others in the future. It's very inclusive and relaxed!

Kay W Workshop Participant

We are so pleased that this workshop was such a great success. Thanks to Shai for making it so interesting. It was great to see participants coming away from it with new skills and a smile on their faces. Well done.

Art Stretchers Adelaide Management

The workshop was lovely. It's just what I wanted. The content was excellent and the facilitator was awesome. Will recommend to others!

SK Workshop Participant

I liked learning how to be 'freer' and seeing Shai's enthusiasm! She was an excellent presenter. The workshop was fun and covered all aspects. I learnt so much and it was enjoyable. Recommended!

Diane O' Brien Workshop Participant / President, Pastel Arts Society of South Australia

The best thing I learnt was about speed in sketching - letting go of accuracy and not getting hung up on perspective. The workshop was a good mix of chat and practice. Shai was engaging and enthusiastic.

KP Workshop Participant

The content of this workshop was excellent! It was explained very well - clearly, concisely, and with passion. Loved Shai's examples, enthusiasm, and encouragement. Thanks Shai, you're a gem!

AHR Workshop Participant

The workshop had good coverage for a short course. Shai was a great presenter! Learnt about the basics of keeping sketchbooks and how to use the tools.

HB Workshop Participant

Everything was explained very well from the supplies to how to find moments to sketch. I enjoyed the setup of the workshop. We even had enough time to head outside and sketch. Shai was very keen to share her experience and ability with everyone.

Angela W Workshop Participant / Manager, Art Stretchers Adelaide

The workshop was quick, precise, to the point. Lots of hands on and very informative content and materials. I learnt a lot in a very short time. This has opened up a whole new world for me!

Astrid H Workshop Participant

Drawing has always been a bit of a challenge for me. I didn't think I was any good at it! But, I was determined to keep drawing, no matter what. As I realised that there was more than one way to draw, I discovered a new love for this wonderful practice. I became even more enamoured when I discovered the use of pen and ink! My goal for this workshop is to empower participants with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to draw more expressively. And most importantly, to have fun in the process!

Shai Coggins (MTeach)Workshop Facilitator


Give yourself the gift of drawing with more joy and passion. Take part in this workshop and learn to use pen and ink in your creative journey.


Until Expressive Pen and Ink Drawing Workshop Starts

Workshop Booking Process

  • Confirm your booking by following the 'Checkout' process (click 'Add To Basket' or 'Book Your Place Now' button), then send through payment. 
  • If you are booking for more than one person, just indicate the quantity during checkout.
  • You will receive an automatic receipt from the transaction. 
  • You will receive a confirmation email from Shai within 1-2 business days.
  • A basic kit is available for purchase from Art Stretchers Adelaide on the day of the workshop. Just arrive at least 15-30 minutes before the workshop starts so you can purchase your kit. You will receive 20% discount as a workshop participant for the kit and everything else you decide to purchase on the day.  

PLEASE NOTE: If you would like to pay cash on the day, you are also welcome to do so. Just Contact Shai to make sure we book your place.

Cancellation Policies

  • Art Stretchers Adelaide and Shai Coggins reserve the right to cancel this workshop if there's not enough confirmed bookings on or before the 1st of June 2017.
  • Pre-paid participants will receive full refunds within 30 days if the workshop is cancelled by Art Stretchers and Shai Coggins.
  • Workshop bookings are final and refunds will not be issued for participants who cancel and/or do not show up on the day.
  • Pre-paid bookings are transferable. If you cannot make it to the workshop, you are welcome to gift your place to a friend or family member. Just inform Shai Coggins of the change at least 48 hours prior to the workshop date.


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