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Are you tired of setting New Year’s Resolutions or goals that you cannot keep – but you still long to see a lasting change in your life? Thousands of people have abandoned the traditional way of setting New Year’s Resolutions in favour of the One Word practice. Many now swear by its powerful effect on a personal and professional level. But, not everyone knows how to harness its power.

ONE WORD WORKBOOK is a digital workbook that will provide you with the guidance on choosing One Word that can create change and provide focus in your life. It contains simple tips, interactive (‘fillable’) worksheets, inspirational quotes, resources, and check-in pages – WITHOUT the overwhelm. Combined with the exclusive One Word list, you will get regular prompts all year round to keep you accountable and on track.

Also – Get the *bonus* mini Ebook – ONE WORD PROJECTS – with 10 projects for you to try so you can completely ‘own’ your One Word of the Year!

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Ever set a New Year's Resolution that you managed to keep? Ever chosen a Word of the Year that you've quickly forgotten after a month or two? One Word Workbook is the guide that you may be looking for when planning your year ahead.

If you want to create change and find focus for your year with One Word, this 50+ page digital workbook may just be the perfect resource that will help you in this simple but powerful practice.  Plus, when you get the workbook, you'll also receive the bonus 20+ page mini ebook, One Word Projects, containing 10 projects for your One Word practice. 


While choosing One Word using a gut-feel approach may work for some, a more thoughtful and deliberate choice can prove more effective and powerful on a long-term basis. Don't leave your One Word to guesswork and chance. Follow the specially designed process in the workbook and allow the power of your Word to create the change that you're hoping for in the coming days, weeks, and months (or even years!) to come. 

What You Will Receive...

A 50+ Interactive PDF Document that you can immediately download and print out to write on. Or, simply fill it out using your computer!

Tips, advice, prompts, resources, and even check-in pages to keep you accountable and on-track to make sure your One Word works for you all year.

Lifetime access to all future revisions and updates + Email reminders and prompts, if you sign up to the exclusive One Word mailing list.

You Need One Word Workbook If...

  • You want to create change and find focus without being overwhelmed with New Year's Resolutions and Big Goals.
  • You've heard of the One Word practice but never tried it for yourself before.
  • You've tried One Word before but you just didn't get to commit to the practice in a way that created a lasting impact on your life.
  • You want a simple but effective way to find focus and direction in your life.


One Word Projects

One Word Projects is a great companion mini ebook for the One Word Workbook! The PDF file contains 10 inspiring projects to help you 'own' your Word of the Year and harness your word's potential to create lasting, life-changing impact in your personal and professional life.

It has 20+ pages of tips, ideas, photos, and resources to inspire and motivate you in your One Word practice. ​

One Word Workbook Photos by Margo Min

I really found out the way to change my mind and how I achieve my goal by using and writing (in) 'One Word Workbook'. When I read this I got a lot of new ideas to set my goal or even helping (sic) me to make a new hobby. So this is why I really like it.

Margo Min
Margo Min 
Blogger, Malaysia


Shai Coggins Author, One Word Workbook + One Word Projects

Unleash The Power of One Word

Ever since I started the One Word practice, I have built an incredible business, found an amazing job, went on my first art tour to Italy, published two books, found teaching opportunities, met new friends, developed my art voice, and learnt a lot of lessons along the way. My Words of the Year have been providing me with focus and purpose for the last 8+ years. And, each word leaves a lasting, life-changing impact.

This is why I created the One Word Workbook and the One Word Projects mini ebook. My hope is that others would also find the immense benefit and power of this practice.

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