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Need Your Input: Survey + Free Gift Choice

It has been a really long time since I last did a survey. But, even though I felt a bit rusty setting it all up, I'm glad I finally did it.

But, a survey is not a proper survey without respondents. So, please, please spare 5-10 minutes to complete this ShaiCoggins.com Survey 2016. I'd really appreciate it!

As a thank you, I'd like to offer a gift to all respondents.

There are two gift choices:

  • Free Focus Planner Printable (see more in the photo below)
  • Discount Coupon for Upcoming Ecourse/Ebook

Once you complete the survey, you can choose your free gift and I will send it to you.

All respondents will also be entered into a draw to win one (1) of three (3) Free Coaching via Coach.Me slots (2-4 weeks' worth of coaching per slot). The three winners will be chosen once the survey is concluded.


The Focus Planner is a 2-page printable that enables you to plan and reflect on your week. It will come as a PDF and you can print as many copies as you like for PERSONAL USE only. It is available in A4 size (or you can adjust in your printer). More on this planner later!

What is the survey all about?

It's mostly information gathering about your interests and challenges, so that I'm able to plan for better content here on the blog and elsewhere.

With VALUE being my Word of the Year, my constant question to myself is: "Am I providing value in this place/situation?" or "What value am I bringing to this job/project/person?"

That's why part of my goal this year is to find ways to provide as much as value as I am able to in the things that I do, including this blog. And, in order to provide that value, I'd love to learn about what YOU would find valuable in what I can offer.

There are only 10 questions. Mostly multiple choice. Very simple. Shouldn't take longer than 5-10 minutes to complete.

Hope you find the time to give it a go! I look forward to hearing from you.

The survey will be limited to 100 respondents only and/or until next Friday, 17th June 2016 (whichever comes first).

Take The Survey Now. 

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Rhythm: August 2013 Theme

Happiness and rhythm quote

“Happiness is not a matter of intensity
but of balance, rhythm, and harmony.”
– Thomas Merton

Amidst all the big changes, new lifestyles, and great dreams, I am now trying to find a new rhythm. One that fits life as it is, right now.

It’s always scary when we have to alter the way we do things and the way we live our day-to-day lives. That’s why change is terrifying.

But, changes can be good because it can give us the opportunity to see if doing things in a new way can bring about freshness in our lives.

That’s what I am finding right now.

And, the new rhythm that this freshness is bringing has been showing me all sorts of different things.

Like how going to bed, feeling like I’ve done enough (or in some days, more than enough), can be quite refreshing.

How many times have we all turned off our computers and walked away from our work feeling like that that was a good, productive day?

If you’re like me, you would be almost always wishing there was more time in the day. To do more.

But, that kind of thinking becomes way too stressful. It doesn’t give us the liberty to do other things that we love. It doesn’t help us to enjoy our “down time” enough.

That’s why in my new rhythm, I am trying to develop a system wherein I feel like I can shut down and allow myself to enjoy a TV show, a movie, a book, or long cuddle times with my kids – after a full, productive day. Not as though I’m always behind. Always trying to catch-up.

Shifting My Rhythm

In order to achieve such a feat, I am trying to shift certain areas of my mindset. Some of the things that I am working on developing right now:

    • Scheduling things that matter. And, when I say “things that matter”, it doesn’t just include work. It includes things that makes us feel like we’ve accomplished something worthwhile during the day or during the week. For example, I’ve started adding my 750 Words/Daily Writing habit as a recurring task on my To Do List. I’m also slowly adding in things like blogging and time for writing my novel/script. Hopefully, one day, I’ll be brave enough to start adding things like regular “artist’s dates” and “creating time” too. 
    • Developing new flexible routines. That doesn’t very convincing, I know. But, being a non-fan of routines (I get bored easily), I try to avoid them. However, I’ve learned over the years that no matter how much I don’t like them, I can’t function well without them either. The creative and the productive brain thrive on limitations and routines provide those limitations. So, I work on routines. But, I try to make them flexible enough so that I don’t get too bored too easily. And, I don’t end up beating myself up if I move my scheduled break time from 10am to 10.45am. Or something like that.
    • Practicing mindfulness in different aspects of my life. In this case, mindfulness is more than just meditating or finding peace. It’s keeping things in check on a regular basis. One aspect of my life that I try to practice more mindfulness is the use of social media. Making sure I avoid checking in first thing in the morning and last thing at night. And sometimes, even just shutting it down completely during the day. Not an easy thing to do when your work revolves around social media and the web. But, I’m glad that I do take time away from it, especially  because I already do a lot of it.
    • Being “all there”. I’m a multi-tasker. I tend to do it because I feel more productive that way. But, lately, I’m trying to avoid multi-tasking in a way that shifts my focus too easily. Maybe that’s part of the idea of my word of the year. To learn what focus really means. To understand what it means to “be all there” in whatever moment I am in. Sure, I still multi-task. Running the washing machine and the robot vacuum cleaner while I work can make me feel like I’m doing both my professional work and my housework at the same time. But, when I’m putting my kids to bed, I like to be just there - reading a book, talking, cuddling – not worrying about what else I need to do before I fall asleep.

    What’s Your Rhythm Like?

    Are you a planner? Do you schedule your days? What shifts in mindset do you recommend in order to develop a daily rhythm in life?

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    Focus: Word of the Year 2013


    Every time I choose a new Word of the Year, I am filled with both fear and excitement.

    I find it scary because after doing this for over 5 years now (this is my sixth year), I know just how much power that One Word can have in my life. If I embrace it and let it, that is. But, that’s also the reason the whole WOTY thing can be quite exciting. I have been amazed by how my previous WOTYs have helped to shape my life for that year.

    That’s why I highly recommend this One Word practice.

    And this year, just like the last couple of years, I was faced with choosing between a couple of words for my WOTY. Late last year, I had two words that kept competing for my attention: GROW & FOCUS.

    With all the transitions that happened last year, the concept of ‘growth’ was a constant thought that I explored extensively. However,  just like the time the word ‘change’ competed for my attention when I was choosing a WOTY, I kept thinking: “I want change/growth to happen as they come. I don’t want change/growth for the sake of changing or growing.” That’s why I decided that ‘grow’ probably isn’t the right word for me this year.

    12/365 (2013) Hand Lettering: Focus

    But, the word FOCUS makes me feel uncomfortable (one sign that I’m on to something).

    You see, I can't even say the word 'focus' properly. The word doesn't roll off my tongue without a funny accent. That's why my husband can't help but laugh when he hears me say it. I've improved my way of saying it a bit, but it still feels strange every time I say the word out loud.

    And yes, I don’t particularly think of myself as a ‘focussed’ person. In fact, with my slash/dash and renaissance approach to life and work, some might even say that I am the definition of the opposite of focus. That’s why a part of me rebelled against the idea of choosing ‘focus’ as my Word of the Year.

    Paul Arden, author of the book It’s Not How Good You Are, It’s How Good You Want To Be, say that creative people need something to rebel against, so maybe that’s why I ended up choosing FOCUS as this year’s WOTY.

    Yes, just like in my previous years, I have chosen my WOTY not because I want that word in my life. I choose my WOTY for what I wish to learn more about… what I hope to challenge me in the coming days, weeks, and months. And, as always, I hope to be able to share with you some of those things that I learn and experience through this year’s WOTY. Now you know why I’ve started calling one of my personal projects this year as #TheFocusProject.

    Only one thing has to change for us to have happiness in our lives: where we focus our attention.

    "Only one thing has to change for us to have happiness in our lives: where we focus our attention."

    - Greg Anderson

    What about you? Do you have your One Word for the year? What is it and how do you come up with choosing your One Word?

    Oh, and for the curious, here are my previous WOTYs:

    2012: Possibility

    2011: Shine

    2010: Connect

    2009: Bliss

    2008: Today

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    Focus is Key

    When I was actively practicing as a consultant, I used to tell my clients the importance of focus. I know how easy it is to lose one's sight on this basic premise when there are so many things that catch one's fancy. After all, don't I juggle more than just a couple of job functions?

    However, there are more distractions in life than career diversification. (Yes, yes... to some, this is just indecision. But, I have a different view on this. That's for another time to discuss, though - when I find that insect quote that I'd like to refer to.)

    Anyway, recently, I decided to rediscover this concept of focus. And, I began the process when I wrote:

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