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52WoC #17: International “Thank You” Week

52 Weeks of Blog CommunityYes, it has been over a month since our last challenge. A lot has happened between then and now. And, I must admit, I have been wondering about whether I should proceed with this 52 Weeks of Blog Community Project or not.

Part of my release/redefine/restore wanderings made me question about continuously tying in the concept of my work and my personal life. After all, what I do is not who I am. So, why am I putting in so much of my work in to my personal blog?

Then, I read these emails from online friends about 52WoC. And, I realised that this project is really not just about my work anymore. It has become part of my world, my life - as I connect with friends and the general blogging community.

And yes, regardless of the challenges that community might bring - I know that I have drawn a lot of inspiration and strength from the communities that I belong to (both online - and off). Especially during my rough moments. I think things would've been a lot tougher without people's support.

I guess, that's why I consider 52WoC as my ongoing Thank You messages to all of you.

So, for this week, I want to encourage you to find a blogger (or two!) to say thank you to. It's up to you how you wish to say thanks. You can do it by email, by Twitter, by a special blog post, by sending an ecard... or even sending a real, tangible present.

If you decide to join this week's International "Thank You" Week, leave a comment in this post and you'll be included in the participants' list.

By the way, this week is the last challenge before our fourth virtual party. We'll be doing our celebrations for Weeks #13 - 17 after we close this challenge on the 8th/9th of June, next week. Remember that we're giving away 2 prizes for Party No. 4 - a $30 Winner's Choice Award + a new Art Print.

Anyway, read on for last week's challenge round-up...

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