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Style Studio: The Fringe

Style Studio: The Fringe

I've been trying to play around with having a proper fringe* over the last few months. But, for some reason, it hasn't ever worked out. Well, not quite anyway. Either the hairdresser couldn't get it right or my hair just wouldn't cooperate ('guessing it's due to being so used to my usual side part!). Or perhaps, there's something in my psyche that was just fighting against the idea, as they reminded me too much of the bob-and-bangs* cut that I absolutely loathed as a kid.

So, even though I wanted a fringe, I haven't managed to do a straight one. Just kept a sideways fringe or an asymmetrical fringe.

Then, a couple of weeks ago, I decided to take out a pair of scissors to cut my own hair. Yep - gave myself this fringe. Still not a full-on one, though. But, a real fringe nevertheless.

I'm liking the look right now, even though I'm still trying to figure out whether or not this hairstyle's making me look like 12 --- or I'm just thinking that because of my childhood association with the fringe. Meh.

And yes, folks. I decided to change "Look of the Week" to "Style Studio" from hereon, as I'm finding it strange to call things "look of the week" when I'm mostly posting my style posts just once a month or so. Besides, I also thought I might expand to covering general fashion/beauty in this section of the Studio. Still with a self-portrait twist, as much as possible.

Hair Accessories:

  • (Left pic) Silver braided fabric headband - I'm really loving headbands at the moment. This is one of my favourites. I bought them from the Adelaide Souvenir Shop at the CBD. AU$3!
  • (Right pic) Brown barrettes - I don't usually wear barrettes (or hair clips), as they normally can't handle my thick hair. These ones seem to be okay, when styled correctly. And yes, my hair's wavy in this one using heated curlers. 'will talk more about one of my new favourite hair gadgets one of these days!

*fringe - I used to call 'em 'bangs' but people seem to refer to 'em as fringe here in Oz. So, I got used to the term 'fringe' now.

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Look of the Week: 130709 {In Full Swing}

Look of the Week: 130709

Just when I thought that life can't possibly get any busier, my four-week practicum teaching started over a week ago. And yes, it is full on.

Right now, I get an early morning start to get myself and the rest of my troop ready for the day. Then, I'm off to school as a student teacher from 8.30 am to 3.30 pm. Some days, I have to stay back for staff meetings. Some days, I add on another couple of hours or so of work, as I report to my other job in a non-profit organisation.

Then, of course, by the time I get home, there are chores to do, dinners to make, kids to play with and to take care of. Not to mention, lesson plans to write and resources to prepare for my classes.

And yeah, some days, we even get the added load of a sick little one.

To top it all off, I'm still trying to find whatever time I can find to push some of my projects along *and* to maintain my blogs.

So yeah, I'm in a constant state of exhaustion lately.

But, I'm happy. Really, seriously happy. About home, work, studies, and life in general.

Not only did I get top marks for the courses I took at Uni during the first semester (two High Distinctions and a Distinction!) - I'm getting some really, really positive feedback from my mentor teacher at the moment. I'm learning heaps. I'm developing my confidence in teaching (I've even been singing to my students --- and, if you know what my singing voice is like, you'll understand why this is such a big feat! :-)).

Family life's crazy busy, as always. But, in spite the fact that my li'l girl's been getting sick on and off the last few weeks, she's growing well and amazingly joyful. At two, she's beginning to speak in sentences, almost counting to twenty, and doing all sorts of wonderful stuff. The boy's back for a third term at school and has been training in his favourite sports (soccer and tennis). He's also loving his science shows and project creations. Hubby's also busy at work, working on getting papers published, attending conferences, and working on his PhD.

It's definitely a full, full house.

And, regardless of the challenges and all the icky stuff that come with it, I can still say that life's good. Real good.

Style Notes:

  • Diamante ribbon on wire headband - From the cheap souvenir shop in Adelaide CBD (AU$3!)
  • Big pearl earrings - From the Philippines. Purchased about a decade ago. They were one of my wedding earrings!
  • Black long-sleeved cotton top - From Essentials
  • Layered floral print dress - No label. Not sure where this is from. It's another hand-me-down from my darling sis.
  • Black leggings - From Valley Girl. I like shopping at VG for some casual items like shirts and shrugs, as they carry my size.
  • Purple blazer/jacket - From Portmans. This is probably one of my favourite shops for workwear items like jackets, skirts, and pants. Again, partly because they carry my size on a regular basis. I also love their simple, classic look. Sometimes, with a touch of special details. Like in this jacket, for instance. It's a simple, classic jacket, but there's some detailing near the pocket area that I really love.
  • Purple faux suede stiletto boots - From Wittner. Between stilettos and chunky heels, I'd choose chunky most of the time. I'm not really big on the pointy-footed look, you see. But, as you can see here, there are moments when I do come across pointy shoes that also capture my fancy. ๐Ÿ™‚

Where To: Off to work at my part-time job

Photography Notes:

  • Camera: Nikon D40x
  • Lens: Sigma 30mm f1.4
  • Venue: Our back garden; Background is just the fencing;
  • Lighting: Natural lighting - Again, this was towards the end of the day. It was also raining on and off that day, so I was pretty lucky to get a few minutes of semi-sun to do this shoot.
  • Self Portrait Technique Used: Remote! Yes, my remote's finally in operation again. Makes life so much easier!
  • Other photo gadgets used: Gorillapod + tall bar chair to act as my tripod.
  • Post Processing: Very basic tweaks via iPhoto. Mostly sharpening or changes in saturation. In some cases, some cropping too.
  • Collage: Created via Picasa for Mac.

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Marshmallow Socks Love

Marshmallow Socks

When I mentioned marshmallow socks in another post, some people asked me what they are and what they look like.

So, I thought I'd take some self portraits wearing my very own pink marshmallow socks. I only own two pairs of these lovely warm socks. Got them as pressies.

They're perfect for winter. Especially winter evenings.

Anyway, I did a quick search if there are any shops that sell them online. But, I didn't find any. So, if you know of shops that do have them, please let me know.

In any case, I'm sure that they're available in most department stores. In fact, I found similar marshmallow socks like the ones I'm wearing at a local shop called Best and Less.

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Look of the Week: 230609 {Time for a Change}

Look of the Week: 230609

Hmmm... I think I better change "look of the week" to "look of the month", as I've noticed that I'm only getting to post these style self-portraits about once a month now. Heh.

Anyway, here are my notes from this shoot -

Style Notes:

  • Scarf - This viscose + soie scarf is a lovely little purchase from a quaint shop near Montmartre, during my first and only trip to Paris many years ago. I loved it then, and I still love it now.
  • Big Black Tear Drop Earrings - One of my favourite places to purchase accessories from is this bargain souvenir shop in the Adelaide CBD (in Rundle Mall). I bought these earrings from that shop for about $3.
  • Fuschia Top (w/ 3/4 sleeve length) - I bought this top from my last trip to Las Vegas. I think the shop is called Express, if I'm not mistaken. Really cool shop. The top has an elastic neckline so you can wear it either over the shoulder or off the shoulder (one or both). I usually wear it over the shoulder, but decided to try an off-the-shoulder look for the day.
  • Cut-off Denim Skirt - I bought this skirt from Target. Its original length is up to the knees. I noticed that I found it really difficult to wear it in that length, as I don't like the overall look when using it that way. So, on this day, I decided to cut it off to make it more of a mini skirt. Admittedly, I was a bit scared to do this, as I've never cut off a skirt before. In fact, I don't remember cutting or reshaping many clothing items. But, I figured that I'm better off trying to do this than keeping that skirt in the wardrobe, hardly used. And, I think it paid off as I really like how it turned out. I find it a lot more usable.
  • Black leggings - Another Target purchase. Due to the winter weather, I've also layered this with black stockings.
  • Black boots - Yep, one of my faves. Wore them with this look too.

Where To: Off to the pub for a meeting with Uni group.

Photography Notes:

  • Camera: Nikon D40x
  • Lens: Sigma 30mm f1.4
  • Venue: Lounge area (my house); Background is just natural-coloured wall
  • Lighting: Natural lighting - It was towards the end of the day when I took these photos, and it was quite dark. So, I didn't get a lot of light that's why the shots look quite grainy.
  • Self Portrait Technique Used: Built-in Self Timer. Yes, my remote control was still out of action.
  • Post Processing: Very basic tweaks via iPhoto. Added vignetting in one of the shots.
  • Collage: Created via Picasa for Mac.

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Look of the Week: 050509 (Delayed!)

Look of the Week: 050509

Yes, I confess. These "look of the week" self-portraits were actually taken a couple of weeks ago (on my dad's birthday). But, I didn't really feel like posting them at the time.

And, since it has been a while since I last posted my first LOTW, I thought that now might be a good time to share these photos. It's really cool to know that some of you definitely liked my return to self portraiture. So, I'm really going to try and do more of these. Hopefully, push it a bit further.

In any case, in true fashion blogging style, here are the details of this simple look (which I must say, has become a personal favourite for this autumn season):

  • Black tank top - from ICE
  • Grey off-the-shoulder knitted sweater top - Not sure what to call these things! They're actually too light to be a real sweater. But yeah, it's something from NI9NE
  • Jeans - Another hand-me-down from my sister. And, my second favourite pair of jeans. Its label says LWR. I have no clue what that means.
  • Black wedge shoes - Ledger, from Zoe Wittner (my favourite pair of shoes at the moment!
  • Black scarf - Not sure where these are from!
  • Silver leaf earrings - Gift from my mum, I think. Or was that from my sis? Heh.

Whenever I wish to use this look, I try to vary it a bit by changing the sweater top (I have a black pair that looks similar), the tank top, the jeans, the scarf, and/or the earrings. Sometimes, I wear my hair down as you see here. Other times, I wear my hair back in a ponytail.

Where To: Grad school lectures

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