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New Fancy Tote Bag!

Pink Floral Fancy Tote BagIt has been a while since I did a creative project. I haven't done any painting, scrapbooking, sewing or anything like that. But, since today's blog theme is "Creativity Weekend" - I thought I better do something. Quick.

I know making tote bags are generally simple and quick. So, I thought I'd give bag-making a go again. And, this is the product (see picture) - a fancy floral tote bag.

The construction is pretty similar to the last bag I made a few months ago. Except this one's bigger, and I added a front pocket in this one + a band. I like it.

I'm not sure though if I'm keeping it, giving it away as a gift, or selling it.

My sister has been encouraging me to do more of these creative projects - and start selling them. She's even offering to sell some of my projects for me, if I wish. But, I don't know yet. I mean, sure, I'm happy to sell a thing or two every now and then via Etsy or directly. But, we'll see.

For now, I'm just happy to be able to have the time and energy to create something nice once in a while.

Anyway, I hope you're all having a good weekend!

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Hello, Spring and Some Weekend Creativity

Hello, Spring!

Today's officially the first day of Spring here Down Under. And, even though the weather's still gray, cold, and rainy, we are beginning to see a bit of sun and warmth. And flowers! Yay for that! I'm not a big fan of the cold, so I like to celebrate the end of Winter.

As part of my celebration, I'm delaying today's usual 52WoC. Will try to post the new task and recap in the next day or two instead.

Springtime Bag

Also, to celebrate, I engaged in some weekend creativity.

My favourite project is my 'springtime bag' (pictured here). And, it was actually the product of an accident. Well, I was trying to make a skirt for myself for the first time. But, I made a couple of mistakes with cutting and measurements, since I wasn't working with a pattern. In the end, I decided to make a bag from the skirt. And, this is the result. It has a very rough finish, but I'm still quite happy with it. Oh, and I even used O rings and a button latch for the first time. Fun.

I also completed a 'surprise' project.

You see, my 4.5-year-old son asked me a few days ago if I can knit him a wooly jumper. I had to explain to him that mum's not exactly an experienced knitter. In fact, she has only finished a knitted headband so far. If she ever tried to knit a wooly jumper for him, he'll probably be 25 by the time I'm done.

"So, what about a scarf, then?" he asked.

"But winter's almost over."

"There will still be cold in the spring time."

With such a persistent plea, how can I say no?

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Learning How to Sew {Weekend Creativity}

First Sewing Projects : Weekend Creativity

Sewing is one craft/skill that I've stayed away from for most of my life. Sure, I took some sewing and embroidery lessons in Home Economics class while I was in gradeschool. I indulged in cross stitching as a hobby as a teen/young adult. And, I do hem, mend clothes and sew buttons by hand occasionally. I even sew things in to some of my mixed media art work.

But, I've never owned a proper sewing machine before. Well, not unless you count the el cheapo tiny machine I bought for $30 while I was living in Singapore that I never really used because I couldn't quite figure it out.

So, I really never fancied the idea of learning how to sew. As in, really sewing. At least, not until about a couple of years ago.

You see, I'm a maker. I like making things. I'd probably end up trying most craft in my lifetime (provided I get the chance to grow old and grey ;-))...

And now, I figured it's time to try something new.

After much uhm-ing and ahm-ing, I decided to buy my very first real sewing machine a few days ago. Even if I had no idea what exactly I was looking for and all that. I just went ahead and got one. I had a dud to start with, but ended up finding a really good buy from Spotlight (one of our local art/craft chain stores). But, that's a different story to tell another day.
For now, let me just share with you my first four sewing projects that I finished this weekend:

1) Basic Tote Bag (w/ handmade felt heart applique) - Everyone told me to start with something really simple. So, I went for the basic tote bag. This one wasn't great, but I was excited to finish something so quickly. I even decided to try sewing a handmade felt heart applique on the plain blue bag. My first attempt at sewing appliques! And, my first ever attempt at making a bag too.

2) Super Hero Cape (w/ handmade 'C' applique) - This one's even simpler than the tote. Just measured and hemmed a plain blue rectangular fabric. Then, added patterned ribbons to tie the cape. I also created a felt letter 'C' to use as an applique on the cape. Was happy to see my boy's reaction to having his very own personalised superhero cape.

3) Monster Soft Toy (designed by my 4.5 year old boy) - When I asked my boy to draw something for me to make, he got really excited. So, he drew me this 'monster' (drawing in picture)... and I just made it in to a soft toy. The boy had a good giggle when I finished the toy. Even played with it for a while. Just used: fabric, felt, hobby fill, 2 colours of thread (red/white).

4) Little Girl's Dress - This is probably the most difficult project of the lot, even though it was the only one that didn't involve embroidery or appliques. I think it's because it was the only one that needed to have proper measurements and fitting to get it right. And, it's *not* easy measuring a moving subject! Anyway, I ended up having to do this over a couple of times. But, it was so sweet when I heard my girl's "Oooooohhhhh!" when I put it on her the first time around. And, she happily modeled her new dress for me.

So, there you go. My first attempts at learning how to sew. I still have a long, long way to go to come up with anything really amazing. But, I'm happy I got started. Almost makes me wonder why I waited so long to try. A real reminder to me that sometimes, when you want to try something, you just have to give it a go.

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