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Thanks for your interest in working with me! I enjoy finding out different ways that I can help people and organisations, either on a professional or personal level. Or, if you would like to offer me something that you think I would find useful, I would love to hear all about it too.

Here are some ways where I find myself working well with others:

Hire my company!

My official job title is Founder & Director of Vervely, a digital media and community engagement company. In a nutshell, I offer programs and services that help nonprofits, SMEs and corporates with social programs, associations, and educational groups.

Some of my popular services include: online communications strategy and management, social media training and coaching, blogger outreach, content and digital media production, web development projects, and online-offline community development. If you want to dig deeper about the services I offer through my work, please visit my company site. And, let me know if there is a way that I can help you and/or your organisation.

Clients (past and present) include: Microsoft, Nad's, and Shannon Company NZ. See client portfolio.

Contact me to hire Vervely.

Speaking and Presenting at Events

As part of the work I do, I have been invited to present at different events worldwide. I have spoken at conferences, workshops, and roadshows. Some previous organisations that I have worked with include: NTEN (Nonprofit Technology Conference, USA), Microsoft Citizenship APAC (part of the CSR arm of Microsoft, Singapore - presented in their NGO Connection Day and Tech4Good events in Australia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, and the Philippines), Philanthropy Australia, Associations Forum, and Connecting Up, Inc (Australia).

I have consistently received good feedback for my presentations, with 90%+ approval rating from participants. At the CU12 conference, I have been voted as one of the top 4 presenters. You can see a curated version via Storify of my CU12 presentation on content and community.

If you would like to have a speaker for the following topics, then I might have exactly what you need for your event:

  • Social Media 101: Strategy and Implementation
  • Advanced Social Media: Audit, Metrics, and Growth
  • Online-Offline Community Management and Development
  • Business Start-ups and Entrepreneurship
  • Blogging for Nonprofits or Business (or for Professional Development)
  • Social Networking for Personal and Professional Growth

Depending on the event and circumstances, I accept either paid or pro bono work. Please note, however, that I have limited spots for my pro bono work.

All paid speaking events would be fully featured and promoted on my sites/blogs and social networks, which has a combined audience of approximately 10K.

Contact me to present at your event.

Project Collaborations and Brainstorming

If you run your own enterprise/business or personal project, and you think that there's some way I can provide value for what you're doing, I'm happy to chat about it. If the project fits, then I'd like to find a way to get on board. I enjoy working with others and I believe that a lot can be accomplished when good collaborations happen.

Also, I have mentored and provided help for a number of individuals and groups on a personal and a professional basis. We have all been helped at some point in our lives, so I am keen to give back in some way.

Contact me for a collaboration chat.

Brand Partnerships and Sponsorships

As someone who represents brands in my company, I know the power of a good partnership with a blogger and social influencer. I am happy to consider working with brands and companies, especially through this site, if I believe that I can highlight a great offer or resource to the wonderful community that I have built over the years through this blog and my social networks.

While I do not guarantee the type of coverage and/or reviews that I will provide for brands (unless I am officially hired to do so), I am open to accepting event invitations (eg, product launches, campaigns, fundraisers, shows, etc) and product samples for review or to give away.

I have worked with brands and companies like The Yellow Pages and Hopscotch Films in this capacity.

I only ever promote products that I actually use and like. So, even if you send something my way, it may or may not make it to this blog.

If you wish to guarantee a feature on this blog, I only accept paid sponsorships. Please let me know and we can discuss the details to see if working together would be a great fit.

You can also see one of my side projects that is still currently in beta called Cause Brand Social. It's a community that aims to help socially-conscious brands, nonprofits and charities, and good bloggers connect with each other.

Contact me to talk about your brand and/or about sponsorships.

Media Interviews

Due to different aspects of my work, I have provided a number of media interviews via newspapers, magazines, blogs, online publications, radio, and television. To find out what I have been asked to talk about, please see previous press/media mentions.

Let me know if I can help you to tell the story that you wish to share in your media outlet.

Contact me for a media interview.

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